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Wasn’t expecting this to be so nice. It’s heavy, like a zippo, and refillable

  • leigh

    hey i got this a while ago, totally forgot about it! this is a very nice lighter indeed

  • Kathi

    Wow Tracy
    You got a big haul…..Christmas, birthday and all the other holidays rolled into one. :h5:

  • Tracy

    Hey you too Kathi-I loved looking at all your stuff! Too Cool! I wrote you one comment about the leg cream stuff for my hubby, it’s great we can share with each other! :h5:

  • admin

    Wow, that is nice. Is that one of those butane lighters with the flame that is kind of like a jet?

  • meliss

    :)I just signed up and they said 10-12 weeks or sooner for my cool lighter to come!!! Thanks!!!

  • Jenny

    :bigthumb: I got this too! A couple weeks ago, it’s AWESOME!

  • Tracy

    ADMIN-Yes, it’s like electric (which is like a blue flame above the lighter) :wiggle:

  • chris

    Thanks tracy, maybe Ill sign up for it. Admin=chris btw, I just forgot to change it :kekeke:

  • brads girl

    i tried to sighn up for this but it didnt work-maybee ill have my hubby do it for me!