Stuff they gave us!!!

Stuff they gave us!!!

  • chris

    that’s awesome :bowdown: I bet it was beautiful there :cool:

  • Becky

    How was the trip?

  • Bella

    Nice :eek3:

  • elizabteh1

    It was so AMAZING!!!! That wasn’t even half the stuff we got!!! When we got there it was -18 degrees!!

  • elizabteh1

    It was so wonderful!! We went dog sledding, intertubing and to Yellowstone!

  • elizabteh1

    It was so Beautiful. The views were breath taking!

  • teresa


  • Cyndie

    sweet!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  • Heather

    That is wonderful!! :h5:

  • Very nice you luky duck!

  • elizabteh1


  • elizabteh1

    Thank you

  • miamor

    did that digital camera come in the freebies they gave you?!?!!? :noes:

  • TrueBloodFan

    :bowdown: :bowdown:

  • smiley

    Oh, my.. How nice! Good to know you enjoyed it there.

  • leigh

    that is sooooooooo freeaking amazing

  • elizabteh1

    YES that came with the gifts!!!!!

  • Carina


  • Sarah

    My friend and I are getting ready to go to this in 3 weeks — I hope there’s snow left :)

  • Candis

    I won this as well, but I didn’t get my dates yet. It is in the summer. What’s the catch? I’m waiting for there to be a huge payment or something. Everything I’ve read about has been in the winter. I wonder what summer will be like???

  • i WON too!!! supposed to go in the summer as well. just called the 1800 number over the weekend. i also can not find much on summer activities. but im excited!! dont like flying though……probably gonna need some Xanax but from the looks of things its gonna be fun!!

  • Brandi

    Thats awesome! My husband and I won a trip too. We are going June 17th-20th! Is anyone else going at this time?

  • Amber

    I won the trip. My mother and I are going June 24-27.

  • I won the trip for 4 days, and 3 Nights to the Marlboro Ranch today hopefully they honor there selections. I also won $1700 from ePrize.

  • R. Brooke Ross

    I also won the trip. Just got the papers telling me the dates today Sept. 3-6th. 3 nights/4 days, I can’t wait. :wiggle:

  • Mandy

    I am going on June 21-24, 2009!! Anybody else going then?

  • alisa gambill

    me and my husband also won the trip we are going june 24 thru the 27th i cant wait

  • kim strean

    summer trip june 27 2009

  • kim strean

    we won the trip and can’t wait till we go

  • deanna b

    I just won on Monday and they said the dates are between 9-11 & Oct 14…I am so excited…what a great birthday present!!!

  • JennaNsteve

    I WON!!!! We are going on Sept 16-19… anyone else going there at the same time? What other prizes do we get???? What activities do we get for the summerish//fallish time?

    I can’t wait to go. We are soooo excited!!! :hs:

  • Erick

    how were you able to get invited?
    i wanna go soooooooooooo bad
    is it luck of the draw, or did you just say pleeeeeeeeease?

  • I won the trip as well, I went Winter 2009 from Mar. 30- April 2. It was so much fun! Did you do the Aventure Trek. I loved the trip, hope we can win again!

  • I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOING THE ADVENTURE TREK ACTIVITY. The winner and guest all get a)red jacket (nice) b)Steston Hat c)Sun Glasses d)Boots (really nice) e)5 packs of cigs (dont worry you can ask for more when your there) f)a metal ashtray (I wouldnt reccomend trying to take the crystal ones that are in the saloon becuase they go off in airport secutiry comming back) plus the winner gets a digital camera. OMG your going to have so much fun! Look at my myspace pictures to see what all you get to do. Being there is just a different state of mind, plus the people I met there I STILL talk to on a daily basis! BTW tell Josh (the bartender) I miss him… :p And make sure you do the line dancing lessons… OMG WAY TOO MUCH FUN!

  • chrisrem1978

    Just got the invite and reserved my spot today to the Marlboro Ranch 2010!!! Can’t wait!!! We did the Hot Laps promotion over the summer and had a blast. This is just like…. OMG!

  • Stefanie

    I just got the news today too! I’m so excited! I have to figure out who to bring now!

  • Chelsea

    I just received an email stating I won a trip for me and a friend to Marlboro Ranch Winter 2010. BUt everywhere I see people say that they got a letter in the mail stating they won. I called the 800-MARLBORO number and spoke to a representative and she said I did in fact win and they are going to send my packet out soon. BUt I am wondering if anyone else got a email that they won and how long did it take once you found out to get your packet?? By the way if this is real, I am SOOOOOO excited!!! Thanks!!

  • B

    Received email confirmation on 10/2 as well. I confirmed by email and representative — paperwork is on the way. One of countless things I’ve won from Marlboro. I sure miss the 100 Days of Flavor contest — of course my sweeps hobby takes up enough time. Given that I’m busy 24/7, Crazy Mountain Ranch should offer a nice break. I take that back, the Ranch is busy as ever with activities, but it’s busy fun! Relaxing enough for me.

    Last weekend I attended a private Marlboro party here in Colorado; pretty fun. Food was great, but freebies were mediocre at best — quite unusual for Marlboro. Then again, Marlboro has spoiled me with a big screen HDTV, Blue-Ray DVD player, and 2 Omaha Steaks Wins this summer alone! I suppose I shouldn’t complain about a free high end BBQ sauces set, cookbook, and a bandanna.

    I’ll bet I cross paths with Chris, Stefanie, and Chelsea! Just remember guys, you only have 7 days to return your paperwork after you receive it. Hope you don’t have any hidden criminal convictions — it’s a disqualifier! I suppose that’s a good thing in most cases….I wouldn’t be worried anyhow — Security at Crazy Mountain is like Fort Knox lol (big operation behind the scenes). Philip Morris, like most major corporate entities; protects their assets and property at any cost.

  • Samar Hmeidan

    Hey guys,

    I also got an email on 10/2/09 about winning the Winter 2010 trip – at first i thought it was a hoax or that there would be some hidden fees or that i would have to pay for the plane tickets or something but after a little research and after speaking to a representative, I’ve realized that this is in fact the real deal! I am so excited because in this economy this is the only way we can go on a vacation and from what i’ve read, this is going to be AWESOME! I’m still waiting on my paperwork to come in – anyone know what date the Winter 2010 trip will be on?

  • Adara

    Me and my husband RSVP’ed today via email!! Whoop, so excited!!!

  • Chelsea

    The lady told me that my dates can range from Jan-March. She said that the send like 50 people at a time every three weeks or so. So you don’t really know when your going until they pick your dates. I hope it doesn’t take long to get the paperwork!

  • Kimberly satterfield

    I won a few days ago! Lady said it should take 4 weeks to get the paperwork. I’m hoping for a March trip (might be a little bit warmer) I’m from AZ, so this will be a HUGE change in weather for me ;). My Husband went with his brother a few years ago, and said it was an AWESOME trip. I can’t wait!

  • Kimberly

    I won a few days ago! Lady said it should take 4 weeks to get the paperwork. I’m hoping for a March trip (might be a little bit warmer) I’m from AZ, so this will be a HUGE change in weather for me ;). My Husband went with his brother a few years ago, and said it was an AWESOME trip. I can’t wait!

  • Kimberly

    i got an email, and I called the 800 number in there. She said it would take 4 weeks to get the paperwork. And we have 7 days to return that paperwork.

  • Vanna

    I won and got all the paperworks that I need to fill out. I just want to ask if you don’t mind how much tax do you pay by the end of the year for trips total value?

  • Vanna

    I’m wondering how much tax i would pay by the end of the year for this trip.

  • Chelsea

    That is what I am wondering too! They are taxing $4,100 so I’m thinking it can’t be too much…they will be taxing it as if you owned your own company and received income (I believe a 1099-C).

  • Anna

    My husband also got an email at the beginning of October. We received our packet of info over the weekend. All we have to do now is get the copy of our IDs and have the one page notarized. Anyone know how picky they are on a background check? My husband has a paraphernalia charge from 2001?

  • Chelsea

    It says on the paperwork clearly that you can not have any charges of any sort on your record.

  • Chelsea

    I actually just found out that they only look on your record for the last five years…so he probably will be able to go!

  • cassondra Humphrey

    i also received the letter and sent all of my paperwork back in. i can’t wait to get there and hopefully the weather isn’t too bad so we can make the trip.

  • Miranda

    how did you find out that they only look at the last 5 years? My husband, now 35, got a couple of misdemeanors (for marijuana) over 15 years ago. Nothing since…just wondering what your thought is….and how accurate the 5 years is? Thanks!

  • Ashlee

    I too am wondering how sure you are of this because I have the same charge from the same year and I am really stressed out about them telling us we cannot go.It has almost been 4 weeks since we sent in our papers and still nothing though others have said that they have recieved their stuff back in two weeks!

  • Anna

    We still haven’t heard anything yet, either. Marlboro received our information on th 13th of November though, so we still have another week before the 4 weeks has passed. I will keep you posted as to what I find out, cross your fingers!!

  • Ashlee

    We called to make sure that I would still be able to go with my background the way that it is and they told us our dates are Jan. 6-9th! I am so glad we can BOTH go. Anyone else gets that date let me know!

  • Anna

    Lucky you! We got a letter that said they were going to give us the cash prize instead…guess I can’t complain too much about $4800…but the trip would have been so awesome! Maybe next time! Have fun to all of you!!

  • me and the g/f are going March 2nd through 5th. Anyone else have these dates? If so throw me an email :)

    So excited!


    or a myspace message.

  • Nicole

    I just got an invite for the Winter 2011 trip. I received my 1st batch of paperwork via’ fedex on October 12th, sent it back the 13th, D.L. Blaire received it the 14th. It has been exactly 1 week. So I still have 3 weeks ( ifn’t more ) to wait to see if I qualify. I am so stressed out though because I have some alcohol misdeameanors from when I was a minor ( 8-10 years ago ). Nothing in the last several years. But I have 1 simple assault in 2007. Any opinions on this??

  • angelwaters101

    They actually ask about past criminal activity?? wow that must be detailed paperwork. Try not to worry about it so much. Hope you get to go and congratulations! :fingersx:

  • Ash

    We got invite for Winter 2011 as well! We got our qualification packet in the mail yesterday and we sent it out this evening. I am wondering about the taxes as well, if it is 7.5% or if there is a different gift tax rate. It sounds like an amazing trip I hope we get approved. However, the cash would be nice too but I heard you don’t have the option to choose. They only give it to you if they are booked solid or something. Maybe we’ll see you there!

  • susan

    my husband and i won recently and are going jan 31 – feb3. so excited to be going. anyone else going on this date.

  • susan

    the taxes are 4500 we got the papers today verifying our sizes for clothing and hats and coats, and thats what they said the wmount of the trip is. and they said the date for when our tickets and check for 750 will arrvie

  • Laurie

    My husband and I will be going on Jan 31-Feb 3 2011 also!

  • jason

    me and my girlfriend are going jan 3-7 2011 anyone else going around then

  • Raychel

    My husband and I are going Feb 21-24. We are soooo excited! Im guessing you get 1 (one) check for $750.00 not 2 correct? Anyone else going then? We are from Broken Arrow ok. :wavey:

  • princess95023

    I got my papers back yesterday I am going March 5-8 2011!!!!

  • mike

    Hell ya, Me and my sis are going Jan 3 to Jan 6. Its gonna be awsome

  • Nicolette

    I too am going March 5th-8th!! Set up a page on facebook so everybody who was going could get to know each other before the trip. They usually send people from the same area, I’m from New York. So excited to go back, trip of a lifetime!!

  • princess95023

    I am from California. I can not wait!!!

  • jason

    sweet we just got our tickets and check today maybe we will see ya there

  • Kim

    My Husband and I are going Jan 25th -28th 2011! I am so excited!! I cant believe I won the trip!! I never even knew this place existed until I got an invite in the mail!! This is so unbelievable!!

  • Jen

    My husband and I are also going march 5th -8th! Super excited and ready to go!

  • Rachel

    Hey Kim!!! Congradulations on your 2011 trip! I haven’t heard of anyone going so far this year!

    So I am signed up on the website, so all I can do is pretty much cross my fingers and wait for an invitation?

    Let me know how you won yours!



  • Brian Harris

    :wiggle: I will be going to the ranch jan 22nd-25th any one else going that weekend?

  • Kendal

    Very excited lady from TN who just won a trip!!! :noes:

  • congrats!

  • Nick

    I won the trip as well!! Although im living out of my car, i could really use the cash. But yea, im taking my boyfriend. How long does it take from when you send in the paperwork until you hear back?

  • Angela

    :fingersx: Brother inlaw went two years ago and loved it… I just received the letter in the mail asking me to call 1800# to try and win the trip! I am keeping my fingers crossed I so could use a vacation. I was recently married two years ago and I have never been on a honeymoon we couldnt afford it since both of us had kids when entering the marriage. Wish me luck! Wonder when they will pick the winners and when it will be for the vacation all it said was summer of 2011.

  • Amy B

    My husband won the trip, and we are going August 25-28th, we are so excited, as we have never been away together before, we have 4 children, and have been married for 9 yrs and never once havee we been away together or had a honeymoon, WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! If anyone else is going August 25-28 let me know :)

  • jon

    i won the trip i found out about a week ago.. I claimed my prize and was jw what happens next? will the paperwork i receive show my dates? :dunno:

  • Amy B

    yes it will, as long as you are acepted, but I heard they have been cashing people out, if that happens, you will get a check for the price of what the trip cost

  • ashk

    We are going June 22-25…excited, but kind of nervous cause I don’t know what to expect!

  • jon

    Well i didnt read my paperwork and apparenely u have 6 days to find someone to go, get papers notorized, get a copy of ur l and fill all of it out and be returned within the 6 days… mine was a few days late and now they tell me they dont know if i get go because i was “late” anyone had this experience?

  • Dessie

    :wavey: Hey!! I was a winner of the trip and am going the same time you are! My husband and I have 2 girls and have never had our honeymoon either!! We are really excited and guess we will see you there!

  • cindylu

    We just got our dates august 9-12,2011. Is there anyone else going at that time. We are so excited. We can’t wait. This is our first vacation with no kids. Hope to see someone there. :h5: :h5: :fingersx:

  • ashley garrett

    im goin july 17-20th cant wait
    anybody goin on those dates?

  • Danielle

    We received our trip date as well and will be headed to the ranch August 9th-12th. I can’t wait- less than 4 weeks! :h5:

  • cindy

    17 days to go. Did u get your luggage and plane tickets yet. We did’nt,hope to get them soon. We’re going out of town on the 4th of August I hope to have them before then

  • Catherine

    Was at the ranch august 5th it was the happiest place I have ever been to. Did not want to leave

  • Catherine

    :wiggle: :wiggle: :cool:

  • erica delay

    ok, so i just found out i won today..october 07 2011. and will be for winter 2012.. I am excited.. i do not have any charges my boyfriend has in the past for small stuff hope he can still go! and also i want to know how much the taxes are if the 750.00 covers the taxes. thanks email me anything else i may need to know. please.

  • Amber

    My husband won the trip for winter 2012. We leave jan18. Let me know if u find out when u go. We r soooooooo excited!!

  • jeremy

    i just got called and was notified that i won and will get the paper work on the 22nd i cant wait and my girlfried is thinking if all goes as planned it will be a great honeymoon !!! :kiss: she is skeptical of the whole thing but we both cant wait i will post our dates when we get the info back !!!

  • We got the call on Dec 19 2011 and got the papers a couple days later. We have no idea yet what our dates are but i’ll post and hopefully we can make some friends before the trip! My husband and I are super excited!

  • Jessica

    We won the trip for Feb 1-Feb 4 2012. So excited!!! Any one else going on this one???

  • Dedra

    I won the trip too. Got fedex envelope Jan 19 and congratulatory call on Feb 1. Yesterday got phone call confirming names, contact information, and got our dates…march 3-6.

    Taking my husband and am beyond excited!

    I have loved the gifts from Marlboro over the years; ashtrays, personalized flask, thermos, hats, tshirts etc. Trip feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Really really hope.Yellowstone trek is still available!!!

  • sarah

    Just got an invite yesterday! So excited, I have rsvp’ed but wondering if anyone knows how far they go back for background checks? My husband had a misdemeanor about 7 years ago, I hoping he will get to go

  • Tom

    I got my invite yesterday and should get my package soon! Super pumped! I created a Facebook page for people who got invited so come and like it!

  • Tom

    Like this page for summer winners! :wiggle:

  • Larry D (seattle,wa)

    Just got a call and my paper work is almost done being processed. Can’t wait till I get the date. Sent them in on March 17. Does anyone know about how long and what are the activities this year.

  • sarah

    Larry have u got ur 2nd packet yet? Just wondering how long it actually takes

  • bryce

    got the call this morning me and the old lady going jul 17 through the 20th just waiting on the activities packet now :wiggle:

  • Veronica

    I am SOOOOO jealous, I have been a marlboro girl my whole life and have gotten some cool stuff and did do the hot laps series, but never the vacay or any “big” prizes. Got a packet in the mail monday with my invite…went to check it out, turns out I entered on my sister’s account instead of mine (she used to live with me so I still get 2 mailers). Now I’m happy for her, but I entered, I’m the one that won…I’m the one who’s a marlboro fanatic…and now I will have to keep waitin for my turn :cry:

    Enjoy yourselves guys! I’m so jealous!

  • samantha

    I cant wait im going June 17th to the 20th

  • samantha

    If ur going in the summer its horseback riding. Off roading the adventure trek. To yellow stone walk. Clay shooting and 3 more I forgot

  • heather

    they received my paper work on may 21st when do think i will hear from them?

  • nick

    Going September 4th-7th 2012, can’t wait! My wife and i didn’t go on a honeymoon its been 5 yrs. we’re ready for a nice vacation. We should get ur check and plane tickets any day now. Sooooo close!

  • Lori

    What are all the disqualifications?

  • mark

    wife just got invite cant wait to go

  • sonya

    what brand of sunglases do you get?

  • mark

    mailed packet today

  • terry

    I was disqualified for a background check. Offense was 15 years old. Did anyone get to go with something on there background? Please contact me

  • terry

    did you get to go?> I was disqualified for a 15 year old offense. Please contact me if you got to go.

  • terry

    Please contact me if you got to win any big prize from marlboro and had something on your background. They disqualified me for a 15 year old offense and before I fight it I want to make sure someone got to go with something on their background. Please contact me fast I need to get this taken care of and I can really use the money. I beg and pray someone contact me, I cant tell you how important this is.

  • Megan

    I got an e-mail today with the invite to go Feb-Mar 2013. Hopefully soon I will get my packet and get this show on the road!


  • Kelly

    I got a RSVP code the other day. Can’t wait to get the details in the mail.

  • Terry Blake

    in case you are disqualified also, this is discrimination and a supreme court case a few year ago set a presidence. Email me if this happened to you and you can join this law suit

  • teresa

    was just wondering if anyone got dq for dui more than one

  • brandy

    My fiance and I are headed to the ranch on Jan 11 2013. We are so excited. Thanks everybody for all the info.

  • terry blake

    I got DQ’d for drug charges 15+ years old. Ive heard of people not getting DQ’d though.

  • jessica

    I got an invite on december 22nd 2012 for the chill off the grid sweepstake!!! im soo ready!! ive sent my first packet back now i should be waiting on my dates and all that!! i cant wait.
    Also Terry the paper i got with the email ( the terms and condtions) it says in there you pretty much cant have any crminal background. it states everything from indecent exposure to DUIs and controlled substances.
    Does anyone know about the saloon?? will be buying our own drinks or is that also something included?? just kinda wondering thanks ..

  • Elizabeth

    I got my email I think the same day as you. Have you gotten your first packet in the mail yet? Got ours yesterday and mailed it today!

  • Elizabeth

    Everything is included. You can’t tip anyone either.

  • Nikki

    The only thing u need $ for Is if u want to buy something @ the airport. They even set up a sandwich and snack station on the day u leave so u can take
    Food with u to the airport . I was seriously the best time of my life. I went last August. You will have tons of fun! I wish I could go on a winter trip, they showed us the “sledding hill” for winter… You’ll have so much fun – and If u don’t like anything on the buffets the cooks will make u whatever u want, and if u ask the waiter for recipes they’ll get it for u.

  • Teri

    YAYYYY, the hubster and I are leaving on February 11th through the 14th..I SO CANT WAIT!!! :wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle:

  • michelle

    i sent the info in on the 16th of jan. waiting to get back the dates

  • Chris

    I sent my packet in on Jan 9th 2013 so now I’m just waiting for the background check to go through and to get my travel dates!!!

  • annoymous

    Got confirmed that I am going two weks ago. How long does it take to get your phone call for the dates you will be going?

  • judy martin

    like to win trip

  • Lori

    I just received email yesterday saying I won the trip!! Was totally excited till I read about the back ground checks. I have stuff on my back ground from 8 years ago so I guess I wont get to go. Does anyone know if you get disqualified if they give you an option of another prize?? Or is it pretty much just a slap in the face because you once broke the law and now you live your life with that mistake hanging over your head??

  • Lori

    Hey Terry, Do you know if they disqualify you do they give you an option to get a differant prize or is that just it….they get you all excited and then nothing.

  • christy

    So when I click on billy bob it says prize won over the stenson hat. but I was never notified that I was a winner. how do I kno if I won or not?

  • Danno

    That just means that somebody won that prize,it says that for everything that has all ready been won

  • Josh

    so what happens if you have a past record??

  • terry

    lori, I was disqualified for a drug charge 15 years old. I called phillip morris direct and they sent me a weber charcoal grill worth $30 bucks. Total crap. A third party comapny does all the checks and contest .. not phillip morris so if I could do it again Id put my spouses name as winner when filling outthe paper work. Lemme know what happens.

  • Bobby Schmidt

    Hey a quick question. Does Prize have anything to do with the bonus check Marlboro gives you before the Trip? I won too, and was wondering how much of a cash bonus ill be in store for?! :-D

  • cb

    What if u have arrest but no conviction. As charges dropped does that show up?

  • moo

    It is nothing that you as the winner would be told. They make the decisions on who gets to go after teh background check is completed. I would say just send in the paperwork and see what happens. I had been arrested, but had my charges expunged and they allowed me to go to the ranch. So you never know and they will not tell you.

    Hope that helps.

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