Mail to:
TriStar Fulfillment
PO Box 9011
Bridgeport, NJ 08014-9911

This was really great, right up there with one of the bestest freebie-didn’t think it would be that nice, gave to a friend that likes Absolute-she loved it!

  • leigh

    wow this is a NICE freebie! wow :h5:

  • shae1smith

    Wow, I hope mine comes soon! Did you get the coasters too?

  • Tracy

    No, no coasters, would’ve loved those too. That’s a rule in my house, my parents taught me early on to use them so you don’t get water rings. We have cut beveled glass on our coffee table and “still” use coasters. Hey, stranger things have happened, maybe they’ll come! :fingersx:

  • David

    both the coasters and the flask came for me today, real nice! :bigthumb:

  • SierraBreez

    So you have to buy the alcohol to get this don’t you? It says reciept for the bottle to be sent.

  • David

    SierraBreez, check out the exepmt states list, there are several states listed that no reciept is required :D