• Denise

    I won 2 :h5:

  • Jessica

    I had signed my hubby up and he received an email too that he won, but he went to the form and filled it out, and it just kept going back to the form! Did that happen to anyone else? :dunno: :confused:

  • Jackie

    This happened to me too… I wonder why

  • Denise

    yes it happened 2 me 2 wrote to them about it under contact us, so will we see if they contact me back :fingersx:

  • Tatiana Jungclaussen

    That happened to me too. I called them and they told me that it is a mistake in the system but that I do not need to worry and they should have received it. But he was not able to check it in his system or to send me a confirmation for that.

  • Savanah

    hey guys, I called customer service and they assured me that even though there isnt a confirmation screen that if you enter your info and press submit it goes through. Hope this helps!

  • rachaelmarie

    I entered my info today (after doing it yesterday) and it went through with a confirmation screen.

    VERY excited for my golf club =)

  • leigh

    I tried twice yesterday and it just kept going back to the form.

    I tried today and it’s just locking up and not submitting.

  • laurie


  • chrisman

    got this as well! gonna have enough clubs for a whole bag in a few years if they keep doing this! got the club and balls last year!