• Tigerfreak21

    wow how did you get this?

  • chris
  • Amanda

    do you have a refernce number

  • molly

    I think you have to be a school teacher to sign up. :dunno:

  • Lisa Murphy

    I am a school teacher I would like to know how to get samples for my classes.

  • chris
  • Hello. I am not a teacher but but I responsibility is to support them. I am a Site Facilitator and I do all purchasing, registration, student records, facilities, etc. As a charter school, we really are not included in the local district programs that are offered free to them. Programs such as free dental, vision, and hearing tests. I would like to be part of your program to recieve free toothpaste and brushes for our students. We have 250 student enrolled at our school. Can you help?

  • I work with the Liberty County 4-H program in the afterschool which we have around 250 students enrolled. We are doing a hygiene session next semester and I was wondering if you could help us out with our program with the free toothpaste and brushes for our students? Thank you for anything you can do!

  • i am a school nurse how do i get free toothbrushes for my students

  • Diane Bitting

    I am a nurse manager for Head Start. I would like to know how I can get free toothbrushes and toothpaste.

  • Claudia Villegas

    Hello I am a Nurse Aide at an Elementary School in Texas, we were wondering if we can get some toothbrushes and toothpaste for our dental presentations, Thank you

  • Pam Williams

    I am a school nurse and need a supply of toothpaste and brushes. Can you help?

  • Milo

    These are for hygene packs made to hand out to homeless. This would help so many.

  • mollie


  • I am a non-profit organization,how do I get free toothbrushes and toothpaste for a Back to School Event August 11,2012.

  • Reem


  • I would love to receive a set of toothbrushes and toothpaste for our K-2 grade classes.

  • I would like to receive free toothbrushes and toothpaste for my Kindergarten Students. I am a Kindergarten teacher at Incarnate Word Academy located on 244 Resaca Blvd. in Brownsville, Texas 78521 and I teach health and would really appreciate the free toothbrushes, toothpaste and free stuff. I want my kids with smilling faces when they receive the toothbrushes. God bless you for all that you do.


    Mrs. Miriam G. Casarez
    Kindergarten TEacher

  • peter

    hi ,,i go to philippines adn sponsor a first grade class for tooth brushes adn toothpaste,i also giv them our at the beach to the poor kids,,and teach them about dental hygene,nutirtion, and health”’i can really use 5o units by sepember if any body can help ,,thx

  • I am a Sunday School Teacher, and I am working on parent empowerment programs, which will prepare many of the parents in our community to take control of their lives. I am providing health information, nutritional information and etc. One of the goals of these programs are to ensure that parents are provided with some of the item that they need to ensure daily hygiene for themselves and their children. Your support of the free tooth brushes and tooth paste would greatly benefit the families that I am currently working with in the community. Thank you for your support.

  • trish

    I early steps work would like to have toothbrush and toothpaste kids and family I works with
    kids 0-5 years and be to sample and young
    parents who important to start brushing
    early. thank you!

  • Sheila Leach


    I am a school social worker for Foster Park Elementary School in Chicago, Illinois. Our school has pre-kindergarten to eighth grade students including students with special needs. Is is possible to get some free toothpaste and brushes for our students?


    Sheila Leach, School Social Worker
    Foster Park School
    8530 South Wood
    Chicago, IL 60620

  • Hello Im am the Director and a Dental Program in Palm Desert,California and would like to have someone donate some toothbrushes and toothpaste for our classroom. My students go out to visit elementary school and teach them how to brush there tooth. Thank you very much for the donation. :bowdown:

  • We are opening a new dental office for financially challange patients and Medicaid pt only. How do I go about getting some free samples

  • Safiyyah Ahmad

    Hello I am a teacher in east london. I would be grateful if you could let me know how i might get hold of a pack for my year group. Thank you

  • Maria

    Hi! I am a mother of 4, and have always maintained my children informed about how healthy it is to brush at least 2 times a day. Especially before bed. Now I am a grandma of 3 and encourage my daughters to enforece the same advice. This December of 2012, my husband and I plan to travel to Guatemala. My friend since 1988 has made non-profit events on Christmas eve. She gives used clothes and toys to children of less fortunate families. Last year she discovered an orphanage with almost 60 kids from birth to 14 years old. I want to continue to help children understand how important it is to brush their teeth. If you donate these tooth brushes to me, I will, and many children will be very greatful. Thanks in advance! :wavey:

  • hello,…
    as the primary caregiver to many of our 550+
    bilingual students pk-6th i am often the one directing medical and dental health and referrals.

    in years past i have passed out free samples of colgate toothbrushes/toothpaste kit. the kids love it. crockett elementary would certainly love more samples if you can spare them! thanks!!
    nurse cooper :)

  • marlene

    I am ready to do dental teaching , how do I receive the few toothbrushes and paste?

  • marlene

    I am ready to do dental teaching , how do I receive the free toothbrushes and paste?

  • tamara franshaw

    Unit about dental health is coming up … How do i recieve the free toothbrush ….

  • Karen Judd

    I would like to know how to get free toothbrushes for my childrens kindergarten thru 5th grade class. there is only 1 class per grade with 30 kids per classroom

  • sandra spencer

    I would like to receive free samples for my school I am a school nurse and would very much like to know how to receive them.

  • Deb Russell

    I am currently working as a school nurse for spedical education and we are interested in obtaining some of your free dental products. could you please advise me as to how I might be able to get those kits

  • I am doing the social studies unit for our five kindergarten classes. Our classes each have 18(90 total). Is there any way we can get a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss for each child free. We have many low income and homeless students.

  • Fatiima

    I found this for all the educators out there that are looking for toothbrushes and paste for their students.


    Good luck!!

  • Susan Lamphere

    Please may I have 20 children’s toothbrushes for my class since it is National Dental Month in February and I want to do a lesson about it.

    Thank you! :wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle:

  • Carrie Chapman

    am a non-profit organization,how do I get free toothbrushes and toothpaste for a Health Fair.

  • Dana Wiley, school nurse

    Would love to get these 50 toothbrushes and toothpaste for my K4 classes for free. Let me know what I need to do to get these. Thanks, LCPS school nurse

  • Sandi Borgens

    I found your site when I was trying to find tooth brushes to send to my Aunt Linda McWilliams who opened a food pantry in Brownsboro, AL. It is a non profit food pantry. When I was visiting last Sept. she ran out of tooth brushes and tooth paste Labor Day weekend and so I went and bought every tooth brush the small grocery store close to the food pantry had. I would like you to bless her this month. Please let me know if you will do this or if you would sell me a case at a discount so I could bless her so she can give these out this month. Thank you, Sincerely

  • Jerryce Law

    I am requesting the toothbrushes and paste for the hygeine unit we will be working on soon. Thanks you in advance.
    School address is
    Northside Elementary
    1950 Northside Road
    Shreveport, LA 71107

  • Kim Chiger

    I am a second grade teacher and I am in charge of Read Across America Day. This year the program is also promoting good dental care. We have three hundred students in our school who all need toothbrushes. We are an urban district. We would love to give each student a free toothbrush. Can you help us?
    Kim Chiger

  • Janice

    We would really like to aquire these for our early children centre thank you very much.
    I am sending this e-mail from Te kaha New Zealand. We would really appreciate these , how do we go about aquiring them?

  • Amber

    my sunday school is putting boxes together for child christmas. Would like any samples I could get. Thank you Amber

  • I am a school counselor. I would like to get this free product for my students.

  • Neesha

    Hi I am a school nurse and would like to take advantage of the 50 free toothpaste and brush sets for the students in Prep. Next term i will be organizing Dental Hygiene week and they would be great to hand out to students.

  • Neesha

    Hi I would like to take advantage of the 50 free toothpaste and brush sets for the students in Prep. Next term i will be organizing Dental Hygiene week and they would be great to hand out to students.

  • salma

    hi i am a nursery nurse and would like to know if it is possible to send me 50 tooth brush and tooth paste set as i will be teaching children on how to clean their teeth and would like to hand them out to the children

  • Nikki Winch

    Hi I am a Reception Class Teacher. I would love some free samples – 30 to give to my children. I am teeachig the children all about healthy eating. Can you help? Here’s hoping!

  • Michelle

    Hi we are discussing the importance of oral hygiene with our toddlers we are in Brooklyn N.Y in a early childhood school with 12 toddlers. Would it be possible to get some toothbrushes and toothpaste? Thanks in advance.

  • Paige Petten

    I am a school nurse for a small rural school. How can I get free supplies to give to our students?
    Paige Petten-District Nurse
    Bloomburg ISD

  • liana

    hi hi….
    we are a kids dental office and i would like to know how can we get free supplies for our pt’s we also go to schools and provide them oral health habits…
    Thank you

  • Hello,
    I am a special educator/clinical social worker respomsible for working with over 1200 children and their families. Many of my students and their families are homeless, transient and low income. We have many daily lesson on the importance of hygiene and daily oral care. These toothbruses would be a greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  • tess

    I am a non profit organisation how do i get the free toothbrushes? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:


    I am a nurse aide and deal one on one with the elderly and these people have forgotten how to ake careof there teeth these tools that u would provide we help alot with then grushing and taking care of tere teeth again id like to know how about getting these products so i can help my residents thank you!

  • Would like to give to underprivileged kids in the area that I work.I am a chairside assistant and we situated in a very poor area

  • Barb Taylor

    I would like to know how to receive sample toothbrushes for my class. I will have 25-30 students.

  • Kimberly Robinson

    Good afternoon. I work for a non-profit organization and was wondering how can we get toothbrush/and paste for free. It would be great if you could send me the address and or phone number for this organization. Thank you. :bigthumb:

  • Please send us toothbrush kits, look forward to your response. Thank you.

  • Edna Bauer

    Hi, I’m a dental hygienist. I’m a volunteer to help Gloucester Matthew Free Clinic. And I would like to implement the underserve population how to keep their teeth and gums healthy. If you could please send me some samples that I can share Tooth Pastes and Tooth Brushes, that will be awesome. Thank you :)

  • dustin wagner

    I am trying to find donations to send to some very needy children for Samaritan’s Purse. We send at least 50 boxes each year with healthy products. This would be amazing to be able to send them toothpastes and tooth brushes. I am President of a CHAPTER OF ETA SIGMA GAMMA A NATIONAL HEALTH EDUCATION HONORARY . We always try and help out in anyway shape or form with people health. This would be awesome to receive some things to send these very needy children.

  • Jacob Solomon

    I am the Health Coordinator at Faith Family Academy in Dallas,Tx 75224. I would love to have the tooth brushes for the kids at the school to use. What can I do to try to get these products from your organization?

  • Amanda Benner

    I am helping collect products for a program callers Christmas shoebox. In it are health supplies, small toys, books, and crayons. We send these to countries in great poverty. Most families share one toothbrush per family. If you would please send me some of your free toothbrushes and tooth paist it would be great! Thanks for taking the time to read this. Amanda


    Hi I am a nurse volunteering at a non-profit daycare for below poverty children. We will be teaching them the correct way to take care of their teeth, and hopefully for the rest of their lives. This would be an enormous gift to them. Thank you!

  • Kristy Hill

    I work with preschool children, and we have a dentist come in and talk about taking care of our teeth. This would be great to hand out to the kids when he comes. We have several kids that would benefit from this. Thank you!

  • Becky Profit

    I am volunteering at a children’s pantry from birth to age six. We have not had toothbrushes to offer. I am a retired Dental Hygienist and would love to see these in our pantry.

  • Kelly

    I am a student doing Early Childhood Care and Education. One of my assignments is on the care of teeth and teaching children between the ages of 0-6 years to care for their teeth properly. I would love to be able togive the children samples anfd why toothcare is important. thank you

  • Lori Guess

    :wavey: I work in a special education high school and teach our students routines, including hygiene. We are working on teaching a hygiene routine to learn here at school and hopefully carryover to home. :fingersx: We are in need of supplies to create a hygiene kit for each student. Any donations of toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and soap would be greatly appreciated! :)

  • Samra

    Hi, I am going into a primary school to teach them about dental care and was looking to find free samples of toothpastes and toothbrushes for around 30 children. is this possible? thank you

  • noelia buentello

    iam going to do a dental presentation and reached my limithat we are able tp spend but I have about 50 more prek children to give sample of toothpaste and brushes.may u please help me as dental month is next week and the day of presentation is feb 11 2014.thank u noelia buentello ,RDH

  • noelia buentello


  • LT

    I need toothbrushes for students.

  • km10

    i work at a non profit placement center for teens we could use these for them

  • Lynn

    I am a school nurse and I am working with vunerable children and need samples for a classroom teaching session on dental care

  • debbie k.

    where can I sign up to receive these?

  • debbie k.

    can anyone answer?

  • Emah

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Emah Bibeau and I am a 10th grader student at the French High School of New York City. I am participating in a project which consists in helping children in Vietnam to be aware of health ensurance. This year, one of our projects consists on getting as many toothbrushes and toothpastes possible so that we can then bring it to Vietnam and then to the childrens. I have contacted the Medline Product Donations Center and they told me I had to come to you. If you could please help make a small organization rise up by donating some products it would be highly appreciative.


    Emah Bibeau

  • Constance

    The lessons next month include a toothbrushing lesson for my Intellectually Disabled students can I still get free toothbrushes. I need 14.

  • GirlWith Bliss

    try the website, you are posting on a free sample website right now. try the actual website here http://www.ordermybsbfkit.com/

  • GirlWith Bliss

    try the website, you are posting on a free sample website right now. try the actual website here and for details http://www.ordermybsbfkit.com/

  • Emily Gillens

    Hi. I am a school nurse at Holly Hill Elementary School. I want to do a workshop next month for Dental Health Month. Any donations you can send us will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • 4KIDS

    Hi We NEED Help: We work for a charity we do not pay anyone. Are area has the high homeless kids in the county. We have call for any donation of hygiene and then told us to go food bank. But do not give out food so we have to buy it from them. And it cost about as mush if we buy it on sell. We even take donation of coupons and any samples . We need teens ages we are a 501 c 3

  • Eileen Webb Piller

    Please help us provide dental care kits for Food Bank Children of Bennett Co
    We are a non profit group giving back to the Community IOU with LOve

  • Eileen Webb Piller

    We are trying to fill a need in the community for the needy children of families that receive food
    from the Food Bank in our community. We are also providing PJ for the children for Christmas

  • Rhonda

    I’m on the board of Feed my Sheep Ministries out of Benton Il. The children in this area are in great need of toothbrushes. If you could hel us that would be awesome. Please email me to let me know. rbarrall@yahoo.com

  • Patty Smith

    I teach at an elementary school in Kingsport, TN. We are a Title 1 school with over 70% of our students on free lunch. Many of our students don’t own a toothbrush. Could you please donate some for our first graders this year. We have 75 first graders. Thanks for your time. You can reach me at pgs50@mail.com

  • Novel M. Hendrix Johansen

    Contact me at nanamae57@yahoo.com for mission trip to Haiti donation of toothbrushes.

  • belinda

    I work at a child care center in Washington DC and the children are getting ready to learn about dental health. It would be greatly appreciated if you could donate toothbrushes and/or toothpaste to our center. We have approximately 75 children. You can reach me at hardesty.belinda@gmail.com. Thank you for your time.

  • Rosy

    Hi, I am the assistant for the infant program, we serve infants from 0-3 year olds our families are low income families, I would very much appreciate any kind of donations for infants such as tooth brushes, diapers, baby shampoo, crayons, ect. you can reach me at rbarragan@oxnardsd.org. Thank Rosy

  • Darlene Baker

    I work with a non profit in rural southwest Virginia. We could really use toothbrushes and toothpaste to hand out to provide better health for our clients. contact me at vbaker@appcaa.org

  • Dennise Fish

    I work as a school nurse in a poverty ridden area in a large city. I come across a lot of craters and malformation tooth decay every day; do you have any free toothbrushes that I can give to kids who need dental hygiene and prevention lessons?

  • DL

    Are these still available? We are trying to get toothbrushes and toothpaste (about 30) to give out to children. We are a non-profit organization.

  • Coral Cook

    We do a Backpack program for sending food home with children each weekend during the school year. This would be a good addition to our Food4Kids program.
    Please let me know how to get them. We serve from 120-200 children. CC

  • twistedcarrot05

    Here is the link for program information: http://www.colgate.com/en/us/oc/bright-smiles-bright-futures/program-materials/for-teachers

    They only have enrollment once per year, I think. However, once you sign up, they send you a box of toothbrushes and toothpaste packets once a year, every year.

  • Laura Springfield Mcalister

    Our church works with homeless families and make kits for people in disaster are. could use the toothbrushes.

  • Traci Sierens

    I work at a childcare center and we are wanting to do a unit with the kids and getting them to brush their teeth. How would I get free brushes and tooth paste for my kids.

  • ArtGold

    Find a local dentist office and either call them or stop by and ask. Your local county’s public health department if you are in the USA is also a good place to ask. Some dentists will come talk to little kids about oral health- they did when I was in elementary school 20 some years ago.

  • lk

    ArtGold gave some good suggestions and I’d like to add my own.
    1. Try contacting a company that makes toothpaste/toothbrushes etc..they may be willing to donate.
    2. Try contacting dental schools in the area..sometimes, they will donate their time and goods.