You are a runner-up in the Never Stop Learning Sweepstakes on the Pendaflex Facebook page! We can’t wait to send you your Prize pack full of great Pendaflex products. If you could please reply to this email with your full name and address we will get your package to you!
Thank you,
The Pendaflex Facebook Team

  • LeAAnn Cavage

    LeaAnn Cavage
    P.O. Box 252
    Gorman, Texas

  • Tymes13

    Reply to the email ..not here Daniella …check your email and follow directions there

  • iamdaniella



    Didn’t mean to give the wrong impression here: “I” am receiving this prize, the “WHAT I GOT” section is to show community members recent scores…

    Leanne, you should delete your personal information up there…

  • Tia mcarthur

    My address is 169 Rou des chateau apt b I won

  • Tia Mcarthur

    I won want my address

  • Ray Coleman

    Po box 358 ore city texas

  • LeaAnn Cavage

    what did win

  • LeaAnn Cavage

    leaann cavage
    po box 252
    gorman tx 76454