Winner – Do us a Flavor Sweepstakes On behalf of Frito-Lay,

by tonywt1 - Contest Wins
Oct 24 7:18 pm

Winner – Do us a Flavor Sweepstakes On behalf of Frito-Lay, Inc. & Target – Won a $5 eGift cart for Target – so yesterday 10:37am ordered some personal warming lubricant & today got my order at 10:50am – Order total was $4.98 – Free shipping from Target – regular shipping was another $5.15 taken off ! Thank you Target for very fast & Free shipping !

Vo5 Salon Series Shampoos, conditioners, lip balm and beggin strips

by n4din3 - Coupons/In Store deals
Oct 24 6:24 pm

I got this at TOPS today! Used 8 Vo5 Salon Series Shampoos and 7 Vo5 Salon Series Conditioners $1/1 Coupons They were $1.49 Paid. 49 a piece – - Carmex lip balm used 4 30/1 coupons were $1 paid 70 cents for each one – - Had a coupon I got  in mail for a free bag of beggin strips dog treats – Had to do 4 transactions.. Paid $10.96 They weren’t all free but I finally getting back to my couponing after being diagnosed of recurrence cervical cancer! No more chemo and radiation!!!  :) :)

St. Ives

by iamdaniella - Samples
Oct 24 4:03 pm

Pink Sticker

by tonywt1 - Stickers
Oct 23 10:41 pm

The Rosary ; the Great Weapon of the Twenty-first Century book from America Needs Fatima

by tonywt1 - Books
Oct 23 10:40 pm

Fairfield Country, CT sticker from

by tonywt1 - Stickers
Oct 23 10:40 pm

Amazon Local Register Secure Card Reader – From Amazon Fulfillment Services

by tonywt1 - gifts
Oct 23 8:46 pm

Winner in the AB Tailgate Sweepstakes – Won 2 Bud Light can koozies and a Budweiser bottle opener

by tonywt1 - Contest Wins
Oct 22 3:40 pm

Collette 2015 travel guide – Sweetwater Pro Gear Winter 2015 catalog – The Wall Street Journal – November magazine & mini catalog

by tonywt1 - Magazines
Oct 22 3:39 pm

Woman’s World Win !!!

by iamdaniella - Contest Wins
Oct 22 3:10 pm

You’ve been selected as a potential winner for the Win a PMD Facial Device! from Woman’s World.
But before we send you the prize, we need to make sure that you’re eligible based on our rules and regulations. All winners must reside in the United States, so we need you to submit your address.
We really look forward to hearing from you! And keep checking back for even more cool contests!
Your friends at Woman’s World
PS. Love your prize? Send us a picture of you and your giveaway and we’ll post it to our winners page! You can send your pictures to

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