-this site is working with certain brands like Red Bull, Drop Box, Converse, and more to give you free Spotify, Netflix, and Audible subscriptions when you put a sticker on your laptop. You get an additional month subscription when you send in a photo proving that you still have the sticker on your laptop. They’re all full at the moment, but if you register they’ll contact you when new spots are available.

  • TD4ABB

    they tell you they are full AFTER you finish signing up :uh:

  • Allison

    This would be awesome if any spots ever open up! I rarely take my laptop anywhere, so I really don’t mind putting advertising stickers on it.

  • akbj

    I use a desktop, don’t have a laptop. Otherwise I’d do it in a minute! (If they ever open up room)

  • Retro

    Thats pretty cool. The graphics look neat as well. Can’t wait for them to open.

  • Chris

    yeah they don’t look too gaudy or anything. I hope it works out for them so they can accept a lot of users :fingersx:

  • aj

    To Me

    Today at 1:46 PM


    Thanks for signing up on It’s great to have you on board.

    We’re a startup company just about to launch, and you’ve hit the list for our first release.

    You’ll hear from us again soon – hold on tight!

    Bye for now,

    ~ The Viberly Team

    So did I get in or not?

  • Priscilla

    Wow. No thanks.