Linklogin or register and get a friend to do the same to get a Free Gift from Anker. Once they register click the grab a gift button under the tree. Some of the gifts are a percentage off of Anker products, and some of them are free items. You get one gift per referral.

  • bfly

    can’t get this to work properly in chrome or firefox. it does connect and get my info from facebook or google but then nothing else can be clicked on the page there for gifts or anything. I just removed the fb app it created and the google one too.

  • Guerita

    I had an account, but it made me sign up again. Then it never sent me the confirmation email with the activation link, so it was a no-go for me too.

  • Kay G

    Finally got the email and went back from this link. Got a 5% discount code. Better luck to others. 🙂

  • Guerita