• Chris
  • Kristina


  • we3kings

    TY- :fingersx:

  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris ….

  • Chris

    the skil power wrench is working again if any of you missed it

  • brighten27

    I tried it again and still shows promotion has ended.. thanks though

  • Chris

    yea it was working for a couple minutes before, done again :(

  • getitfree

    I can’t get in the forum… The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.

  • Cavzgirl23

    :eek3: me either

  • getitfree

    Maybe it’s like the Allstate Bergwood stuff.. they caught people trying to get more than one.. so they cancelled theirs and put more online!

  • Chris

    yea I think I overloaded the server a little for a few minutes there. i was putting up a ton of contests. Should be fine now

  • Jamie

    Damn, I thought we were getting a phone!

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  • SierraBreez

    It only has a sign up for the newsletter at the link now

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