-they will call you

  • Chris
  • MomOf02

    I got this last week, was a very nice sized sample pack.They will try to contact you though, gotta love :D

  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris ……….

  • justjane07


  • kathisierra

    oh no, I put my real phone in, habit from doing the contests lately. :uh:

  • MomOf02

    Well, if they can’t get ya by phone,it will be email,wanting to know what you think of their marketing etc.But very nice people (I had a lady) :wiggle:

  • Shannon C

    I’m not kidding, one minute after I entered my info, a woman called to confirm my info! Very nice, was really honest with her (to a point) told her a friend had referred me and I LOVE to try free samples on my skin before I purchase full sized. She said they are good sized samples and she’ll be sending it out tomorrow. I think she said six samples of their most popular products. Thanks Chris!! :)

  • Jamie

    I just signed up.. Thank you!!!

  • MomOf02

    Contents of Become:Age resistant Cleanser,Toner,Hydration Serum,Day Cream, Eye Cream,Face Smoothing Gel…3ml of each of those.

  • Kristina


  • Chelli

    This sounds nice, I can’t wait to get it in the mail! Thanks! :wavey:

  • MyEmptyCanvas


  • Donna P Howard

    Thanks, I hope it comes

  • Cavzgirl23


  • Karen


  • Alicia


  • blindfaith

    cool thank you bunches

  • Luv

    Thats good to know ~ hate when sites don’t send stuff unless they can contact you first. I gave my fake number so won’t be getting a call.

  • amanda

    they called me…gave my real phone number by accident too…but the product was worth the 2 min phone call..