• Chris
  • leigh

    could be intersting! thanks chris :h5:

  • MyEmptyCanvas


  • bridgette

    OMG! Is anyone up? I may have mentioned I collect troll dolls before (b/c they are so adorable)…anyways…I was just searching ebay to buy some and came across this:

    I won’t be buying these even if it is the biggest BS I’ve ever read – scary! :noes:

  • taffyswirlzz

    thxs :noes:

  • spacecasegirl

    Wow that’s creepy :noes:

  • Glenn

    it’s funny you mention troll dolls (giggle) you know those machines with the claw to get stuufed dolls and things out of…well, we have a lot of them we got out of the machine in Atlantic City. I recently got Obama-2 Hillary and McCain dolls… i love those claw mach :wavey: ines

  • Kmarie

    :rofl: Oh I wouldn’t buy those either did you look at her other items? LMAO that was a great read before bed and super creepy :eek3:

  • bridgette

    Yeah and 2 people are actually bidding on them so that’s even more creepy, lol.

    That’s so cool you can actually find trolls in your town. Can’t find any here.

  • leigh

    i have one of the rare coveted bzz agent troll dolls! sits on my desk top!

  • Glenn

    Happy Easter :wavey:

  • Glenn

    was there a easter swagbuck posted yet ?

  • kathisierra

    one late last night, is expired now, but when I typed it in search box got a buck anyway.

  • kathisierra

    :h5: HAPPY EASTER everyone.
    The Obamas got a new dog named BO

  • retroduck

    Happy Easter! :)

  • Chris

    Happy Easter :e:

  • Glenn


  • Alicia

    :eek3: :io: :noes:

  • Virginia

    If you ask me its some stupid tactic to make some money.
    Dont believe that nonsense.
    I could try sell something on ebay today and say that Paris Hilton kissed it.
    All rubbish

  • Virginia

    Anybody really wanting this book?
    Sounds to me like those extream religious people telling you about the devil.
    They should focus more on God and the good than the bad if they want more people to believe or am I wrong here??

  • bridgette

    cool. how do you get one? i saw one on ebay and i thought someone just made it.

  • Charles Mitchell

    :uh: This book is put out by Seventh Day Adventist. They think you have to work to get into heaven! How do I know, I once was one