• Meggles

    :rofl: :io:

  • Yeah… where’s the free PlayGirl version :rofl: 😎 :io:

  • Videonut

    :naughty: Nice! Thanks, Chris. :bigthumb:

  • Anna

    Oh lordy. Hahaha I got the email subscription and it had this and the “driven by faith, not by fear” sticker too. LOL

  • SP

    Yay! I am graduating tomorrow, in fact in a few hours. :fingersx:

  • Anna

    I guess I’ll order this since my brother just got that card that says they’re a dollar an issue. You can’t beat FREE. But I will NOT be posting these in the WIG section. :kekeke:

  • aleong

    got it for my bf. :kekeke:

  • rose

    Got a blind date again tomorrow…..wish me luck…..

    have had sooo many blind dates in past few months, and it never works out….. :dunno: 🙁 :dunno: 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Ryan

    Thanks :]

  • KR

    Thats just all kinds of wrong a sister getting it for her brother.

  • Anna

    Thank you Nikki. I was feeling awfully small there for awhile. I guess it’s weird because I want him to save money and get it free instead and I thought I was being thoughtful.

  • Nathan


  • akbj

    I think it’s perfectly fine to get it for your brother. Sounds like he was going to get it anyway & you’re saving him some $ 🙂

  • Nikki

    lol :uh:

  • Nikki

    ur welcome~I had it sent to my brother. why not? He’s a bachelor, not like I’m looking at it with him. It’s a flippin magazine…and its FREE…ughhh hello..LOL :h5:

  • Nikki

    Wow, good luck with that one! :fingersx: :v: I’ve given up on men…lol maybe that’s why I’m interested in this magazine for myself..hahhaa :naughty: I am kidding.. 😎

  • Nathan

    Stop going on blind dates and try out eHarmony or something? I think it’s better to get to know the person first!

  • Nikki

    I agree, I did a free trial of eHarmony and I really liked it. If you are very serious about finding a decent person~that seemed like the site to be. I just didn’t want to pay for it at the moment. maybe one day..when I can get a good “deal”… 😀


    Interesting – this is the first time I’ve seen them offer a reward gold point credit instead of the magazine. Not sure if the credit went through – or the magazine offer. I still seem to have a magazine order into them that has not started yet either… wait and see.


  • Laura

    What do you mean? I get Hustler can be degrading to women but Playboy is just naked women?

  • Mike

    I used to like Rose many years ago, not sure if you are the same one? We used to like each other, but I screwed it up. 🙁 Are you in Alabama?

  • Pogo

    I’m getting this for the *ahem* interesting articles…don’t judge me! :run:

  • Glenn

    Good Morning Chris / Everyone :wavey:
    It’s going to another day in paradise * sigh *
    :run: 7 swagbucks for ” Easy Bake Oven “

  • Diane

    11 sb for shrek glasses

  • Glenn

    dont drink out of them, those have been recalled also, our mc donalds is giving more money back than what was paid for them plus coupons for free food if you take them back

  • Risa

    Playboy is not degrading to women. I read this magazine. The articles are interesting, the stories intriguing, and the women look beautiful.

  • april

    5 sb for rules of thirds

  • april

    67 irazoo for rule of thirds

  • Sandy


  • Kay

    Why? :dunno: It’s not pics of HER.

    Now THAT would be frickin weird! :kekeke:

  • Kay

    Hey Glenn! Yesterday I was typing in EBO on my ipod touch and hit two b’s (“easy bb”). Went to back one off and hit the submit by mistake. 11 sb! :kekeke: Got another 11 later in the day when I actually managed to get the whole thing typed. Thanks! :h5:

  • Vicky


  • LRJ

    It is very degrading. The women are just looked at merely as sex objects.Put your clothes on ladies!

  • Diane

    I didn’t get any for my kids, but I know about the buy back program. I just figured I would do a search and surprise.

  • Jennifer

    :kekeke: i signed up for it…now i gotta make sure that i hide them when i get this so my kids dont see. :run: oh lordy, but i see nothing wrong with playboy. hey its free so why the hell not?!

  • Alicia

    Congratulations! :wavey:

  • Scout11

    Whooo whooo!!! :wavey:

  • Scout11

    5 sb “I broke my easy bake oven” :kekeke: :kekeke:

  • megan

    7 sb :bigthumb:

  • debi

    sheesh! I slept thru all the swagbucks again! lol! I started to fill out for the mag for my uncle and sisters bf but deleted it. Didnt want to start trouble but I thought about it tee hee!! :kekeke:

  • debi

    AAHHAAA 5sb for bugles are goog cant spell either darn keyboard! LOL!

  • lexi

    Er…One of my friends wants to be a playboy bunny when she grows up. :eek3:

    Poor girl is so lost. :dunno: :eek3:

  • cheryl

    I’m quite conservative and modest but I don’t think it’s degrading to women…..maybe to the women who are in it, but not all women. If they want to “degrade” themselves, I could care less but you won’t be seeing my naked butt anywhere. :kekeke:

  • santana


  • Chris2

    😎 Thanks Chris. This one don’t show up often :bigthumb:
    I give it 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Jenn

    See what I mean?! The models in the mags are horrible role models for little girls.

  • jennifer

    it’s not available any longer. offering me maxim instead.

  • jennifer

    actually it says temp unavailable…maybe it will be back?

  • Risa

    LOL. The models in the magazine aren’t Playboy Bunnies…they are playmates. The bunnies are the ones who work for Playboy, such as waitresses and hostesses.

  • jaanu

    Dating is a waste of time.. arranged marriages are safer and better. Countries with arranged marriages have a divorce rate of less than 5%… can you beat that?!!??

  • Anna

    The women posing do not see it as degrading. They have a CHOICE to do it. They are making money by doing it. It’s something they WANT to do. It’s the people that take it wrongly and only look at them as mere sex objects – that’s the degrading part.

  • Anna

    Yeah, but are those countries like America in which you can divorce freely with no issues and are allowed to divorce? I saw a documentary about how in some countries they can divorce, but the divorce will take so long (9 years sometimes) and it’s frowned upon and if you’ve been divorced you will never find a husband again because now you’re damaged goods or something. The people in arranged marriages aren’t allowed to get out of it for fear of getting shunned by their families or disappointing their families.

  • Pam i Am

    well, if PARENTS of these little girls are “exposing” them to Playboy Playmates then the poor kids have far more problems than just what career choices that they make!!! :eek3:
    (But if an ADULT wants to be naked and gets paid for it..then okay..that doesn’t mean anyone opposed to it has to look at it!..)

  • Pam i Am

    wow..from nudity to arranged marriage!?..i knew i’d miss a lot when internet was down!!! :eek3: