-Starting Tuesday, June 7 and every Tuesday after T-Mobile is going to have free stuff and contests available for T-Mobile Customers. Week 1 they’re going to have free Dominos Pizza, Wendy’s Frosty, and VUDU Rentals.They’re also going to be giving each T-Mobile Customer a free share of their stock. You will be able to access this promotion with the link above, or using their Android or iOS app.
This is live again for this week. Access the app to try to get these items:

    • Free Redbox Movie or Game Rental
    • BOGO Free Auntie Anne’s Pretzel
    • 20% off at The Vitamin Shoppe

  • daniella

    Very cool I’m looking forward to this!

  • Eric H.

    From their FAQs…

  • Allison

    Non T-Mobile customers can participate in the sweepstakes, but not the giveaway.

  • Denise

    To get the stock they want you to put in all your personal information,an then you get charged fees in a year. Did I read this right?

  • lenin1991

    There’s no way to get stock without personal information. But take another look at the fine print, I believe in the year before any fees kick in, you can freely sell or transfer the share to your own brokerage.

  • Kaliaunna Rose Bonnell

    Are all of the prizes gone, or is my phone just glitching out. I’m a t-mobile customer, lol, unfortunately.

  • disqus_UZti5pqGQ5

    Only 100 pizzas per location, What a joke. Why even bother.

  • lenin1991

    I’ll be interested in how it goes this week — when I picked mine up around dinner time when they did the same giveaway last week, the Domino’s cashier was surprised his system showed my pizza as free, it was the first he’d heard of the promo. So I’m not sure the density of TMob subscribers taking advantage of this compared to the density of Domino’s locations.

  • daniella

    I got my pizza today at lunch! Looked like a slow day at my location. Good luck!

  • Upset T-mobile client

    The link won’t even work..only say it’s not your fault go back or refresh!! Would be awesome to participate in this since I am a T-mobile customer but guess that’s NOT going to happen. Figures!!!!

  • weird, but use the lower links. If you’re on android download that app, and iOS, use that app. You need the app to get it

  • Bobby

    If anyone happens to not use their T-Mobile Tuesday MLB 20 dollars off promo code, feel free to pass it along. Thanks in advance!

  • renee stevens

    email me @ and I will send you mine.

  • X

    Has the email issue been fixed yet? Woul like to receive email notifications of each new post. Has been a while now.

  • Homecmk

    T-Mobile customers only

  • Janet

    There’s a link for non T-Mobile customers as well, as stated in official rule : Non-T-Mobile Customer Play. During the Promotion Day, anyone who is eligible (see Eligibility section, above) can visit (“AMOE Page”) and follow the instructions to register and receive one (1) Game play.

  • DramaFreeZone


  • jake

    if any one wants to trade or give me any email me at

  • jordyn

    if anyone doesnt use theirs please send me them to!