-they have things like bandanas, keyrings, bottle openers, and coupons

  • Juela Marie Pate

    Thanks Alot for the great free stuff.So Cool

  • pam

    I got :bigthumb: 4 choice’s to choose from.I got the cool looking bandana.Can’t wait to get it in 12-14 week’s.

  • Dizzy gal

    TY. Already a member. easy peasy. Chose the leather keychain.

  • Sarah

    Thank you! Got the bandana as well. :wiggle:

  • shannon

    love this site

  • :h5:

  • Robbi

    I got the coupons, can always use coupons.

  • Crystal

    just turned 21 yesterday…. but theyre saying im under 21 :dunno:

  • shannon

    can anyone find the rewards for today?

  • Walt

    I found 2 of the rewards points.Does anyone know where the 3rd one is??

  • Walt

    one is by the rating thing on the left and the other is on the right by the video.

  • kresin

    I thought I found all three rewards after (1) viewing the video of the Amarillo Steak House and then (2) rating it, and then (3) going to the Ranch House and clicking on various items. However, I kept checking and my reward meter is registering zero.

    Does anyway understand the rules for this game yet? Do we know if it’s working correctly today?

  • kresin

    Does your reward meter show that you have two reward points??

  • kay

    The reward meter is for the prize level. It did move when I clicked the first two. Still lookin’ for the third. Anybody? :dunno:

  • kresin

    I do see that my reward meter moved slightly but I’m not sure how many reward icons I scored. I thought the third one was when I went back to visit The Ranch. I can’t find anyway to determine how many reward icons I have exactly.

  • john

    You can also get at least one coupon for a free pack of Malboro Snus.

  • Rav

    You’re not the only one confused by this promotion. I found the three icons the first day easily, but the reward meter didn’t budge. I haven’t been able to find any of the icons for day 2-4 though. Day four doesn’t even have a video or stack of pics t flip through NOR does it have a link to click. The only thing it seems to have is a place to review the destination. AND, once again, no reward icon beside that.

    There may be a problem with the web site.

  • Tammy

    Either I am dumber than dirt, or blind as a bat!! I have yet to find a reward icon!! What am I missing here? Is it in black and white, and then when you click on it, it changes color?

  • Robert

    Make sure you are looking at the correct day. If you click on an old email, you will not see today’s reward icons. Make sure the URL shows the correct day:

  • Lisa Hughes

    I love to get free stuff! I have smoked Marlboro for years I have gotten free stuff from you guys before it’s great it’s like shopping for free! :v:

  • marthadavis

    how do you get marlboro country rewards

  • Tammy

    I see now, I think! You just click on the symbol, which is in plain sight? Is that correct? I have been searching all of the pics….looking for the symbol “hidden” in them! Kind of like looking for “Where’s Waldo”. So they really are just RIGHT there on the page and you merely click on them? Could someone clarify this for me please???

  • Betty James

    We smoke reds all the time

  • Tammy

    After all these years of asking for Marlboro Ultra Light 100’s, I am having a hard time trying to ask for Marlboro Silver 100’s!!
    Our GOVERNMENT at work…lol.
    An idle mind is the devil’s playground….Leave my smokes alone, please!

  • Tammy

    :bowdown: I found all three for Day 12…but none for Day 11 yesterday. Unfortunately, I looked through all of the videos for Day 12, yesterday on Day 11…looking for the ever elusive “symbol”. Did anyone ever find Day 11?

  • Tyler

    You can only earn rewards for the day . . . if you miss a day, you miss the rewards

  • Tyler

    No, they are the little red and gold icons . . . a red circle with a gold badge with a white banner . . . when you click on “Explore Today’s Destination”, you get one reward for rating the page on the top left, you get the second below that where it says “Check out the Ranch”, then you get the third on the right when you click to view the video/picture. I don’t understand the scale either entirely . . . you must have to do it constantly for a long time for the little orange arrow to move into the 1st, 2nd, & finally 3rd level . . . they aren’t just going to make it easy for us to get free stuff.

  • autumn

    you have to only get rewards for current day can not go back and get rewards for previous day, near where you look at the different levels and their rewards there is a small link that says “to reach level 1 rewards etc” then click link for “details” this shows how many rewards you need for each level and you can only earn 3 per day

  • Tammy

    Yes, you only get rewards for the day that is current. However, I looked through EVERYTHING looking for the symbols! It took a few days for them to ever show up on my pages! I know all about the fun that you can have at “The Ranch”…and am yearning to go! Must have been a glitch in my computer?

  • bruce ellsworth

    :uh: :bigthumb: :kekeke: :v: :wavey: :wiggle: :yum: :io: :bowdown: :bigthumb: :kekeke: 😉 😉 :fingersx: :fingersx: :mail: :kekeke: :rofl: :wiggle:

  • bruce ellsworth


  • bruce ellsworth


  • bruce ellsworth

    MARLBORO COUNTRY IS WHARE IM AT THERE GREAT :bowdown: :bowdown: :v: :yum: 😎 :kekeke:

  • Teresa Smith

    I have signed in to the Marlboro site for several days and haven’t had any luck going to other pages in the Rewards program. I get a “zoom” icon for the pictures and never the “play” icon. I have never been able to get a video to play. I have never been able to collect any reward icons. I am on the correct daily place to explore. Feel like their program must have glitches.

  • :bigthumb: Got the leather keychain today. It is cute 🙂

  • Got the bandana today :bigthumb:



  • Tammy

    Got my 3rd level prize picked out last night…this is so cool..Thanks Marlboro!! I am guessing that eventhough the symbols were not showing up for me in the beginning that they were still registering on my account!!

  • shannon

    lol I just sent in for mine the boots! I spent all summer everyday clicking those little icons! I’m so stoked :wiggle:

  • shannon

    did anyone claim a good reward?

  • shannon

    oh and the little leather keychain and aluminum red water bottle I got from the two promotions before are awesome.. got keychain on keys and carry my water bottle everywhere.. love marlboro!!!! :bigthumb: :bowdown:

  • Tania thompson

    How do i get free stuff help me please??!!

  • ralphatemple

    :bowdown: :bigthumb: :yum: :h5:

  • ralphatemple

    :io: :bigthumb:

  • website

    Valuable info. Fortunate me I found your site accidentally, and I’m shocked why this accident didn’t took place in advance! I bookmarked it.

  • melissa mendoza

    i have been smoking marlboro for 20 years and i havent won nothing i want to purchase a t shirt and sweatpants.i use to collect miles but that was also stopped im always looking for a brochur thanks

  • Sandra Brannan

    i went to your site and tried to sgin up again. the first time was for the snuf can. now the lighter. and it keeps sending me backfor my last 4 ss. and then it says to click on the pack i buy. and it keps going back and forth. your site stinks. ibet u any kind of money i can go to another co. and have no problems so what gives?

  • Chris Squitieri

    Smoking for over ten years and love marlboro stuff… :mail:

  • louis trejo

    3-in1 Flashlight, compass and match holder.

  • dorothy hedgepeth

    I love free stuff