-click add to cart and use code: freesample at checkout – they’re having some site issues now, so it might take a while to get through

  • Denise

    Service Unavailable

    HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailabl

  • Tatiana

    Service Unavailable

  • Mandy

    It let me register, but won’t let me check out. Service unavailable.

  • Carol

    got thru right before it went down, registered etc and they wanted 40 cents tax?
    How do you tax “free”?

  • katrina

    You have to put the code “Freesample” in the discount box. The .40 cents gets taken away after that and the total goes to $0.00

    I still havent been able to order tho, as the page crashes and gives me an unavailable server when I try to enter shipping info. :dunno:

  • katrina

    Your order has been successfully processed!
    :run: :rofl:

    FINALLY…took some time/patience, and lots of reloading the page. It kept kicking me off and making me re-log back into the site. But obviously finally got through. Apparently this company is based in Canada, but looks like they still ship to the US for free as the total was $0.00 when I finished my order and never needed CC info!! THANKS!!

  • Shawna

    Is it only 1 pad or a whole package?

  • janet ortiz

    It lets you register but it doen’t let you check out. :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:

  • chankagirl

    it is one pad.

  • Amy

    several attempts, each attempt I got a little further along in the process and finally confirmed free sample to be sent. A lot of work for one pad..i’m hoping mine comes with glitter wings and plays a happy tune. :io:

  • melinda

    out of stock