-Void in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Utah, Washington

  • Garden Gal

    on check out, when you put your name and address in, and submit, it tells you email is needed. BUT there is no email space anywhere. it seems the same of any of the samples?????

  • Garden Gal

    excuse. tried again. showed up. never mind.

  • Denise

    It’s on top before u put ur address in

  • Katharine

    “Thank you for your order.”

    Thanks! :bigthumb:

  • candy

    free coaster set at marlboro working now

  • Ladysteeler

    Thanks for the 411.

  • Pam i Am

    thanks! got my coaster set :wavey:

  • Mara

    No SS# needed for pipe tobacco :)

  • Bobb

    Thanks .. Got it:)

  • Mandy

    Got the coaster set. Thanks for the headsup, Candy!