Create the Checking it Twice or Santa’s Scroll card and have it sent to yourself. Then enter coupon code: SANTA12 at checkout to make it free with free shipping.

  • TA

    it asks for your cc# – free but not really worth giving personal info for fress stuff

  • Gregory Bodish

    totally worth it,what are they going to do ? ruin my bad credit? LOL.TY

  • Cris



  • Claire

    could not access the card from Facebook(did not see any way to do it), when I made the card at it said my code was invalid. Any help out there? Thanks

  • Brittany J

    Mine said invalid at first so I erased and typed it again and it worked :)

  • Megan L

    looks like you have to pay the cost of the stamp!

  • ProudMexicanwoman

    I can not figure out how to drag and drop photos on there has anyone else had this problem or can anyone else offer a solution?

  • akbj

    Worked great, thanks so much, made one for my adult sister, she’ll love it!

  • lisa

    if you have one of those prepaid visa cards/american express etc. cars…you can out in the card # to use instead of credit card #. i have $1.20 left on my prepaid card and i just put in that number….so, i never have to give out my actual credit card #.

  • Jill

    This is a great idea! I love it. I’ll have to get a prepaid card to use for free give aways!

  • Lynn

    Thanks so much!
    My kids LOVED getting this last year. So much fun!

    I also use my pre-paid credit card for giveaways like these but this company is in the family of Shutterfly and TinyPrints, which I’ve safely used a “regular” credit card with, so I consider just as trustworthy and secure.

  • Edna Davis

    Superb idea. It worked well. I’m making one for my parents. Hope they’ll love it. I miss them so much. Thanks a lot for this.