-you’ll probably have to request them in the comments part of the form

  • Chris
  • desertlover

    Cool!! Can always use pens.
    :h: :wavey: :h:

    Thanks Chris!!

  • Sonya

    OH NICE PEN!! :) Ritter pen? A John Ritter pen? I wish!

  • Christy

    :bowdown: Love free pens= thanks

  • Krista

    :wiggle: Thanks!!!!!!

  • KathyinFla

    Thank you, Chris

  • Cyndie

    Thx :h:

  • Canbg1

    Thanks Chris!! :h: :h:

    Good Morning everyone! May the day be filled with tons of Freebies! :kekeke: :kekeke:

  • Cyndie

    gotta SB for searching “Thirsty Thursday” :kekeke:

  • Tracy

    :wiggle: :h5: :h:

  • Glenn

    not my lucky day :noes:

  • Canbg1

    Yippeee!! Thanks! Got my SB too!

  • Noemy Aguilar

    thanks this is so cool! :h: :rofl:

  • Jess

    I haven’t gotten a SB in days :(

  • Tracy

    G’morning~ :wavey: (I agree on the freebies!) :h5:

  • ToughTimes

    Same here :mad:

  • deb

    :run: You gotta love a pen! Thanks, :run:

  • Isabell.sandoval

    Please send free sample of pen.
    519 N Doak
    Taylor, TX 76574

  • Hortense Perez

    “send me a free sample, please”

  • Sonya

    You must be new Isabell.sandoval. :) You are not suppose to give out your address on here. Besides, that is dangerous. You are suppose to go on the site where it has the free sample and fill out the form. :)

  • Angie Snyder

    May I have a free pen please?

  • Alisha

    May I please havea free pen. I need one

  • Mack

    I feel as though I’m a lemming.too! Pls send me a pen,too.

  • Leslie Phillips

    I need some new pens.

  • susan mcneil

    pens please

  • bria

    A NEED a pen now lol :P!

  • randi hites

    i love pens and all kinds of stuff like tht. how do i get one

  • Lanna

    ok ok……I like to write, too. :io: ;)

  • Lindsay

    pens please

  • raghav

    i want some free sample pens :mail: :h5: :h5:

  • raghav

    i have not go any pen

  • raghav

    i have not got any pens

  • Cindy

    Love pens :h5:

  • Irene

    love pens! would like some new pens!

  • Holly

    I would like a free pen sample please!

  • judy

    would like a free pen :hs: :D

  • Kayla

    I would love a free ritter pen sample please :wiggle: