-if you don’t get the Redplum inserts by mail you can request to have them here

  • Anna

    This is AWESOME! I would love to receive SmartSource as well! Actually, everything! 🙂 Thanks for this post!

  • kia

    :hs: I can’t get that page.

  • helen

    cant get the page

  • imenchanted2

    unable to get page requested 🙁

  • Charriess

    :dunno: me neither

  • Erin doesnt work :run:

  • Bouncer

    Sorry, Unable to display the page requested!

    Please contact the Webmaster to report this error.

  • Laura

    Yeah, page is not working anymore. I wish I had written the phone number down, they actually said calling is the fastest way to get added to the mailing list.

  • Courtney
    That is a direct link 😉

  • Anna

    That just tells you if you get it in the mail or the newspaper. It is not a sign up.

  • freebielvr
  • Anna

    Thanks! That worked!

  • thanks for the new link :h5:

  • r0b0tj0n3z

    I’m pretty sure the vlassis thing is not the actual redplum coupons (similar to smartsource) that come in the newspaper. It’s an additional insert that has local ads. Mine comes every wednesday and only ever has stuff like papa john’s and giant eagle stuff and I find it worthless.

  • r0b0tj0n3z

    unless i’m wrong, can someone clarify? :confused:

  • Anna

    They’re the same. You get the local ads on Wednesday from Redplum and the actual coupons on the weekend.

  • Nicole

    Thank you!

    Your message has been sent to Valassis Consumer Support Department for processing. Your change to our mailing list will take approximately 5 to 6 weeks.

  • imenchanted2

    Whoo hoo! got in on it this time! :wiggle:

  • jasmine

    Its working now but it says to get my coupons in the local newspaper 🙁

  • Melissa Barber
  • helen

    requesting free coupons by mail pls

  • peggy

    I love this thank u

  • cherie

    Tried all links listed here. None working for me 🙁