• anon

    :eek3: I got a scary message saying the site isn’t to be trusted because they generated their own security certificate. :confused:

  • kitty

    Its okay, they are a great company, they also have a cat club where they send people six dollar checks that are to be used toward one bag of cat food.It’s not only for breeders but people who have more than 5 cats. 🙂

  • Screw Breeders

    How about they give away food to shelters? Why exactly are they promoting breeding? Won’t be buying anything from Purina again.

  • SupaJess

    Wow, really? They are a PET FOOD company. Getting breeders to use their product is just good business, plus the Purina pet foods are pretty high quality, not full of saw dust like the cheap stuff. There is also nothing wrong with good breeders who take care of their animals, it’s the idiot owners not spaying/neutering their pets that causes the most problems…


  • Judy Gregory

    um,,, they do their share for animal shelters.

  • shantel Pint

    I emailed them a nasty message. there is NO NEED whatsoever for breeders!!! I will no longer be purchasing any of there products! and there word will be getting out that they not only promote, but highly encourage the breeding of animals….when there are so many that need to be rescued every day….how stupid is that!!
    :uh: :eek3: 😡

  • shantel Pint

    😥 they encourage and promote the breeding of animals….that does NOTHING for the animals that are in the shelters….or the ones that need rescueing from the streets everyday. the free “starter” kits to breeders is disgusting….its like having a bording home for kids of all ages and then saying well now we take only newborns….guess who will get adopted out first….and yet all these KIDS still need homes….oh but we will give them our scraps and hand me downs….that’s our share….its enough….lol….c’mon… you either have apassion for animals or you don’t…apparently purina is in it for the money….just like dog breeders….completely making my stomach sour and ill!! :uh: :dunno: :confused: :kekeke: 😮