-you have to connect with Twitter or facebook and have an Influence above 300 and an Outreach above 1. It seems you just have to be fairly active on one of those social networks to qualify. There seems to be an issue with verifying your email at the moment, hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris …

  • Tatiana

    I am still waiting for the verification e-mail..

  • Kim

    Me too. Waiting on verification e-mail.

  • AshreeVD

    Same. It’s taking forever!

  • cathy

    I can’t even get to the part where they send an email.. and I am very active on facebook! I don’t know what is wrong???

  • Pilar

    Got one thanks to my Twitter.

  • morningglory

    Don’t see anywhere to connect with facebook, only twitter :dunno:

  • Mandy

    Same here. I could only connect my Twitter account, which doesn’t have 300 followers, but the Facebook button was greyed out and wouldn’t let me connect that. And I have more than 600 friends on FB!

  • Angeleyes

    same here,I cant even figure out much of anything..for those having issues with the verification email.I switched over from chrome to puffin and there they all were. Im just lost with getting it to connect with FB.

  • Angeleyes

    I did figure out how to connect my facebook,even loogged out then back in but it still shows same number 250. I have alot more fb friends than that.Dont think its worth it since it analizes when people respond or comment on fb.Im assuming that for fb it starts when you connect them.Twitter it goes back some time,but fb it doesnt seem to. If anyone gets this let us know how you did.