-first 20,000. It’s loading very slow so it might take a while to get through.

  • samantha

    where does it say you get a free bra? where did you find this offer?

  • I luv freebies

    Got it. Thanks!!!

  • Mel

    It’s been trying to load for over 10 min. I am not sure I’ll get through at all.

  • 123Tennessee

    Finally got it. I think a lot of the sizes are out now? Not sure, but nothing in 34 B,C’s and you can choose wired or wireless which is great. :fingersx:

  • edyta

    cant get through yet :( what web browser did you use?

  • ash

    I got through! Firefox :wiggle:

  • bella

    Worked much better for me in Chrome. They better not cancel this one for me like the last time :noes:

  • Lnn

    :kekeke: playtex is generally for the bigger girls… :io:

  • Lnn

    :cool: which one did u choose chris? :rofl:

  • Laura

    Just said Thank you and gave me the opportunity to sign up for emails and browse their catalog. Don’t know if that mean I got one. :confused:

  • Bonnie

    I got through on Firefox, but I had to close & re-open a few times — the “sign” area wouldn’t load, then the name/address/size page wouldn’t load fully :h5:

  • nicole

    :rofl: Awesome Chris, thanks a bunch

  • Rachel A

    I got the same message, but the wording sure makes it sound like we got one. I’ll be cautiously optimistic that we did :fingersx:

  • Deb

    Sure would like to know what happened to the last bra we signed up for. It seems we are signing for more things and not getting them, hmmm. :(

  • Anna

    How we know if we got it?

  • EC

    THANKS! :fingersx:

  • Katie

    Thanks! :bigthumb:

  • rachel

    :wiggle: I got through to the Thank You page! :bowdown: I knew playtex is for um :hs: “bigger” girls, but I was hoping for a 34C… apparently I need to gain some weight for when my 36B comes in the mail! :kekeke:

    Thanks! I hope we actually receive our bras! :fingersx:

  • Margo ZargoMargo

    :h5: Thanks, I think I got one…

  • Chad

    I barely got the page to load, but it went through. How do you know there was a free bra?

  • anon

    :dunno: It’s asking for my address and bra size but when you click “submit” nothing happens. I’ll keep trying :io:

  • Joan

    I got through! I think I get a free one…..thanks!

  • anon

    :uh: No-their submit button isn’t working no matter what computer or browser I try.

  • elizabeth

    worked GREAT!!! thanks

  • garden gal

    5:22am Arizona. worked fine. no glitch, nothing wrong.. I chose my bra size, did not say anything about out of stock, got a confirm page saying thank you that you have declared your right to a great bra…etc…we shall see.

  • Dana

    I need new bras so if I like the free one I buy more

  • Dana

    I like free

  • Kristen

    This is over!

  • tbits

    LOL we were all taken! It was over August 14th according to the contest rules! :(

  • morningglory

    When I did it earlier, it did not ask me my bra size, just my name, address and age group. I guess now I know why, cuz it’s over, but then I’m wondering why it asked others….hmmm :dunno:

  • Laurie Culpepper

    To clear up confusion surrounding the Braclaration Bra Giveaway: The promotion ended August 12, 2013, as stated in the rules.

    You may still sign the Braclaration, or continue to view our styles.

    Thanks for being a Playtex fan, and we’ll keep you posted on any future promotions!

  • VJ

    LOL we all went through this for nothing :uh:

  • anon

    :uh: Yeah, that’s what mine was saying now, though it wasn’t saying it this morning when I was trying to submit. Oh, well – maybe they’ll do it again.

  • Freda

    Playtex is for all sizes. When I was very small busted, I bought Playtex bras because they fit and were made better than most others.
    Now, that age has given me more to “cup”, I still wear Playtex and for all the same reasons.
    :wiggle: :wiggle: ;)

  • Jenn

    You totally messed up your size. 36B is gonna be smaller on you. You were supposed to get a 34D if they did not have 34C.