-apply code: HS0XSC9HWW to get 25 free points which is enough for a free pizza.

  • alex

    got it. thanks!

  • Retro

    Woohoo. Mines is close but free is free!

    I wonder when it will expire though.

  • Retro

    Oh, :uh: I forgot to say thanks!

  • tracie

    i had 20 points already and needed 5 more was close lol i added code now have free pizza…thanks 😀

  • Spacecasegirl

    Yeah thanks Chris am at 45 points now! :bigthumb:

  • Enjoy :bigthumb:

  • Tatiana

    Thank you :yum:

  • Maryann

    I was told code was invalid

  • Kari

    Got them added to my acct…THANKS!! Any idea if these expire like the ones earned last week and have to be used by the 25th?

  • Somaly

    What exactly do I need to do?

  • Randi

    Thats so awesome! You rock thank you!! 😉

  • KIM

    What size pizza can i order?

  • Rachael

    large up to 3 toppings :h5:

  • Kare

    Unspecified error, try again later (code did not work)

  • Aut

    :bigthumb: Dinner will be ready for pick up at 4:45 tomorrow afternoon!! Thanks Chris!!! :bigthumb:

  • sharon

    where do I type in this code???

  • Track lady

    Its already met its Max usage.

  • Scott

    Got it, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! :yum:

  • mocha love

    thank you thank you thank you so very much. yay! pizza just for me. :yum:

  • Rachael

    HS0XSC9HWW click order then you will see it

  • Rachael

    code HS0XSC9HWW still works as of
    12:01 am CST :h5:

  • Veronica

    got it thanks!

  • Anita

    Thanks! Added to account…guess we’ll be eating pizza this weekend!!

  • allyson

    Thanks!! Love Papa Johns (would love them even more if they delivered!) 🙂

  • stacyers

    yay thank you, any clue if it expires?

  • Rachael

    Codes expired now. 😎

  • Kayley

    I keep getting this error: “The promo code you entered is invalid. Please verify and re-enter.” Maybe it’s expired? :dunno:

  • Elza

    Where do put in the code?

  • Ian

    They just took my points away out of my account!

  • eve

    me too! LOL

  • Jazzy

    Says it’s invalid what do I do?? Help!!!! :confused:

  • eve

    if u never had an account then u need to type 25PAPA when u are ready to order :)i had an account so my points when in right away. my sister just made an account & it said invalid, then after looking more i seen it said enter 25PAPA when ready to order 🙂

  • stacy

    invalid code :dunno:

  • Tabitha

    Same here.

  • renita

    On both codes 25 PAPA and the long one Chris posted, neither one of them will work for me either, it repeatedly says “invalid code”

  • cricket

    Says invalid code………..HELP :run:

  • Batman

    The store was closed ordered my pizza so I ordered it for the next day and everything was okay and I go back and my order isn’t there 😥 😥 I didn’t get a order confirmation either. I hope everything is straightened out tomm :noes:

  • dolores

    said my code was invalid too

  • elpasokathy

    said Invalid code for me too

  • Leah

    PROMO CODE EXPIRED. Man, I hate that!

    I tried at 10:50am Central time on July 19th.

  • bella

    :h5: SO glad i entered this last night (just before the cable went out for 10hrs :run: ), thanks Chris!

  • Old faithful

    :yum: placed order at 1040 am. Did not get confirmation was just delivered and I only had to pay the 2.22 delivery fee!

  • Aut

    I didn’t get a confirmation email, I’m hoping it’s still ready at the time I requested. :noes:

  • Tiffany

    Entered the code into my account last night. ordered my pizza today for lunch and only paid 2.11 for the delivery! :yum:

  • Rachael


  • Aut

    Got my pizza, YAY!!