-enter your email then register

  • Chris
  • Dizzygal

    Told me I was already registered. But I never got anything from them previously when I did register. Tried again with a diff em address for my dad.

  • picaboo

    :mad: This is a no show!

  • Chris

    I got a couple of these in the past few years, it might just be one of those that doesnt show for everyone. Or maybe they’re not sending them any more :(

  • Sue

    I just got mine :D

  • AMY1


  • Aut

    I tried it on my phone & on my laptop & it never showed up, just a peach colored screen.

  • jason

    i want the key ring the one that peterbuilt not a mack lol

  • Tina Wells

    :wavey: :wavey: :h5: :rofl: :mail:

  • bad treats

    You must have a business and a truck or fleet to get this