• Chris
  • Jamie


  • Jamie

    But I’m going to use some restraint.. I’m going to pass….

  • N

    my dad owns a peterbilt, great freebie to get for him! :D

  • Sonya

    Why are you going to pass on the freebie Jamie? :)

  • Jamie

    Because I really don’t need it. I’m staying with family & the last thing I need are freebies that are going to clutter up MORE stuff!! LOL

  • Sonya

    ROFL ROFL! I see. :) Is staying with family temporary? :)

  • KathyinFla


  • Tracy

    This looks nice Chris~Thanks :)

  • minnix2

    Looks like I am now a proud owner/operator of a class 4 construction hauling Peterbilt, what ever that means. :naughty:

  • minnix2

    it looks like I am now the proud owner/operator of a class 4 construction hauling Peterbilt. What ever that means. :naughty: :rofl:

  • minnix2

    sorry about the double post I got impatient. :uh:

  • Kristina


  • Jamie

    Yeah, until I can find and afford a place of my own.
    I went from a bad situation to one where my daughter & I are both happy.. so, if I have to pass on a couple of freebies, it may break my heart, but I’ll do it! LOL

  • MyEmptyCanvas


  • Andrew

    “Mack is that you, Mack!!”
    “Mack!?! I’m a Peterbuilt!”

    Great movie!!!

  • c. hiner

    :uh: :io: it told me during several tries that my password was wrong, what a ripoff !

  • Helen

    I hope I get one

  • Cathy Richardson

    May I still get the free keychain?
    I used to drive a 1997 Peterbuilt