• Kristin

    This has a limit of 2 phone calls so if you have more than 2 kids you might be out of luck!

  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris …

  • Payge Lennon

    Hello Payge,

    This is Santa Clause and I just wanted to call and say HI. I have seen that you have been a good girl all year and I will make sure you get the things you put on your christmas list this year. Please continue to be good and Santa Loves you always

  • Tony

    I’m trying to get a free phone call for my daughter, and it says I have already have 2 calls, but this is my first time on this site.

  • Lisa

    My son loved the video :hs:

  • Iranna

    Uneducated or ignorant? I think unsrteneited is a better word. Can u tell me on top of your head the history of Benin and the type of their government and their internal issues? You need also add the fact that foreign tourists are extincting species in Iran, so they are even less exposed to International issues.Additionally, I think because the state media over reporting the conflict, people tend to ignore it completely (suppose a telemarketer calls you every day to sell you the same product).There’s also a resentment coming from the fact that people think that while poverty is wide spread in Iran, there’s no justification for spending the oil money on Palestinians and Hizballah.There’s a mutual common racist feeling among Arabs and Iranians. Each side think that the other side is inferior (For that matter I have heard Arabs plainly say in their sermon that they are superior to the whole world) . The eaters of lizard and grasshopper is a title that commonly used in Iranian gossip circle to address Arabs. The best way to mobilize all Iranians is to tell them that somebody called Persian Gulf , Arabian Gulf . That also probably plays a role in turning Iranian away from paying more attention to the conflict and the region.Add the Shia-Sunni fight to it and it should be clear why they don’t care that much.The majority of people who need to care, are employees of the ministries of truth (such as memebrs of IRG and their families). They have to participate in the mandatory Two Minutes Hate and Hate Week in 1984 style. So, obviously, they believe in the governmental version of the story.