-if you share enough information to get 3 stars you can get a free t-shirt.

  • rlvfdangel

    How do they know where to send it? I did it but it never asked my specific address? :dunno: :confused:

  • Lisa

    got it! :wiggle:

  • Alicia

    you have to click on tshirt at top of page after getting stars and a new window will open for name and address

  • Laura

    I never seem to get tshirts that are free. 🙁

  • Amanda

    I always need t-shirts.

  • batman

    :dunno: I shared all the info but I only have one star and they said I have to come back in september to get more stars by then the shirts will be gone 😥

  • batman

    I mean end of september/early october.

  • danny

    have to kind of do a lot to get it

  • C. Becker

    Please keep in mind the intent of the Patients Like Me site. It is for people with medical conditions. It is not some major corporation.