-first 400 to enter and who get 3 friends to enter will get it.

  • strawberrieshk


    Sheesh you’re up all hours finding stuff Chris! I appreciate it!

  • Debi

    A hell of a time to gather friends to enter but I got it covered! Thanks Chris! 😀

  • Glenn

    I LOVE coupons for FREE stuff, last week we went to pathmark and had a toatal savings of $30.00

    Thanks Chris

  • Glenn

    :run: 11 swagbucks for free stuff times

  • wintergal

    got 7 thanks Glenn



  • Andy

    Where’s the coupon for the free package of bacon??? All I find is a contest to win a grill.

  • you have to enter and refer 3 friends

  • Sarah

    23 SB for
    easy bake oven
    !!!! :run:

  • adnaw

    i got 50 sb for easy bake oven !!! thanks !!!

  • Debi

    46 pts irazoo free stuff times thanks Glenn! :bigthumb:

  • kathisierra

    swagcode in blog worth 8 till 330pm eastern

  • wintergal

    11 sb pink ribbon

  • wintergal

    Thanks chris and Kathi :h5:

  • Debi

    thanks wintergal 11 sb for me too!!! :bowdown:

  • Lindsey

    I entered and I had 3 of my friends enter earlier…I hope that I made the 400 people cut off :]…I haven’t seen this on any other free sample website so I will have to see. Thank you for posting this.

  • Glenn

    Thanks wintergal… THAT gave me 67 points on irazoo :run:

  • kay

    Holey socks! 72 iz points for Free Stuff Times! Thanks Glenn. :h5:

  • kay

    6 for me. Thanks Sarah (and Glenn :kekeke: )

  • kay

    Whew! Made it with seconds to go. Thanks Kathi (and Chris) :wavey:


    Thanks got 10 sb

  • adnaw

    thanks I got 50 iz :h5:

  • fanny

    thanks i got 11sb!

  • Anna

    Got this yesterday! :bigthumb:

  • Krystal

    New to this.. how do you refer friends? I posted it on my facebook, but is there something else I need to do?

  • Anna

    The promotion you tried to access is either inactive or does not exist.