-it’s for DISH and DirecTV Subscribers, but I don’t know if they verify

  • Chris
  • Vicki

    do you get a runtime error when you submit their form??

  • Karin?

    Worked fine for me. Thanks yet again for an awesome freebie, Chris.

  • Patty

    Thanks Chris, great freebie

  • Chelli

    worked fine for me :h5:

  • Tymes13

    Gracias For This And All Of Todays Stuff Chris, Boy Were We Busy Today … Buenas Noches U Guys … Today Is UFO Hunters On The History Channel … I Will See U Guys Tommorow … GoodNight

  • Cavzgirl23

    I did :cry:

  • MyEmptyCanvas


  • rose

    I actually do have direct TV, crazy, but true. so hopefully this one comes.

  • spacecasegirl

    Thanks Chris we get direct tv hope this comes :fingersx:

  • heather

    got a runtime error :mad:

  • Lexi

    :h5: bout time directv hooked a sista up lmao…..ty chris! :bowdown:

  • Darci

    I think I signed up to receive a hat or something from them before but it never showed up… so hopefully this one does as we do have directv :fingersx:

  • Alicia


  • AnnD

    I thought they had offered something before, that I requested and never got, but couldn’t remember what. :dunno:

  • Chris

    yea the hats didnt come last time :(

  • bella

    It says on their website to allow an additional 6-8 weeks for the hat, so there’s still hope…

  • Debbie

    This has expired.