-if you follow the What I got page you would have seen that yesterday Free Stuff Times user toph received a sample package from this post last summer. If you didn’t sign up then, or missed that post you can still sign up here.

  • Laurel

    Uber crap!!! I have been signed up since the late spring early summer and have yet to receive one thing other than endless emails that say I have a Chance To Win items? This was presented as a sample opportunity to try items and give feedback on the samples sent. I have sent emails and the like and get nothing in return and no samples. They want you to enter contests and compete for the samples? I have signed up for half dozen of these type deals this year and this one is just no good and not worth the time!!! :uh:

  • Jenny


  • Lugnut

    I signed up last time too and never got a thing! I resigned up now so we will see! I’m sure I unsigned myself from their mailing list a long time ago! :sleep:

  • it just came yesterday laurel. Perhaps you might not get it, but it’s just one of those offers that can take a long time to come.