-enter pin number 11005-194063

  • katie

    I love taco’s Yummy to my tummy!!!!!!!!!

  • judy

    I love tacos too 🙂 But hubby thinks that even mild is too spicy 🙁 I am hoping that the recipe book will have some happy medium recipes 🙂 YUMMY! YUMMY

  • Noemi

    Help. Everytime i try to submit it tells me to fix the following errors. I did everything right. Why is this happening?? I would love this freebie.

  • judy

    when I first put it through it told me to fix the errors, I forgot to put the dash in the pin number. try that and see if that helps 🙂 Let me know! 🙂

  • When there is a code needed for something its best for you to copy and paste it from here. That way it will be the correct format that they want.

  • Noemi

    Hi. I tried that but then it tells me not all survey questions answered. I did answer all the questions. I had this same problem when i was trying to get a free sample of the Curves cereal.

  • I just tested it for ya Noemi, it worked fine for me. Try doing it in a different browser like opera or firefox, that might help.

  • Noemi

    Nope it didnt work. Still telling me not all survey questions asked. Oh well. Would have been a nice freebie.

  • diane gallert

    We enjoy your lod elpaso taco seasoning to no end. last time we went on vacation i madetaco mix with hambergerger, cooled it and put in on serving container. all my daughter had to do micr, and eat. she loves it with cheese,and taco shells.

  • diane gallert

    Boy alot of typo errors, we love old elpaso, great for when we go on vacation, make put in small containers and freeze, just micro and eat.

  • 🙂 i love mexican food anytg from natchos to spicy food!!

  • Brooke

    I love mexican food…..cant wait to get my seasoning!

  • snozzberries

    me: mmmm tacos..

    husband eeewwww.. heartburn..

  • Melissa

    I never did get this.

  • Meg

    its saying that my pin number has already been used… :uh:

  • strawberrygal2007

    same here 🙁

  • brads girl

    not only is it saying the pin number already has been used but it expired on the 31st of january :uh: :ugh: 😥
    too bad cus i love tacos :hs:

  • Laurie

    Unfortunately it came as HOT AND SPICY…ick. I like Mild. Gave my packet away to someone else.