These cost $1.93 at target, so print both of these coupons and they’ll be free.Β Coupon 1 and Coupon 2
These cost $1.59, so buy two, and print this coupon twice: Coupon 1 and this coupon once :Coupon 2

  • Carina

    πŸ˜₯ target doesnt take IP’s πŸ˜₯

  • justjane07

    πŸ˜₯ I am out of ink

  • Kris

    My printer is not working so have to wait to print them out somewhere else! πŸ˜₯

  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris ………

  • Brooke from FL

    My Targets take IP’s…never been told no yet, anyway!

  • bella

    Yep, did this yesterday, worked very well :h5:

  • Courtney

    What are IPs? Are they the internet manufacturer coupons? Surely they take their own online coupons or why else would they have them?

  • Glenn

    :mail: Armor All Car Care Starter Kit
    :mail: Bragg Organic Seasonings / Aminos / Yeast
    Thanks Chris

  • mauttylopez

    are the target coupons supposed to be small? or is it just my printer? :confused:

  • mamicita

    :run: y must ppl try ur anger level on the day b4 ur bday? 😑 😑

  • Kristina

    what? :confused:

  • mamicita

    nthn just needed to get that out!lol tmrw is my bday and ppl are testing me and i dnt want to b mad on my bday!

  • PJ

    The stores around Austin don’t allow you to combine 2 coupons for one purchase, nor do they allow you to combine store and manufacturer’s coupons.


  • Kmarie

    Happy early birthday πŸ™‚

  • wanda

    thanks for the coupons !

  • Patty

    πŸ˜₯ Target wont take IP coupons.

  • mamicita

    THX kmarie!!!!! 😎

  • Cyndie

    no target even remotely close to me….I live in the country πŸ˜€

  • ajollygirl2

    IT is in target’s coupon policy to take both their coupon AND a Manf. coupon on the same product. And yes, it is also in their policyt that they DO take IP.

  • Tymes13

    Great New Contests U Guys , And Some New IWG’s…. Gracias Chris ……

  • kathisierra

    played today, no wins again.

  • Becky

    Mine are HUGE so I don’t know…?

  • huge when they print or just in your window? They should just print on a single page at a normal size, but when you open it your PDF program might be zoomed in

  • IvLysticaI

    Just got off the phone with Target…

    They accept printed coupons and yes you can stack them with Target web coupons as long as the coupons don’t directly say that they can’t be combined! If your Target gives you a hard time call and file a complaint. I had them e-mail me a copy of there coupon policy so that when I go in there tomorrow and they give me a had time I can show them there policy. The very nice guy on the phone also said if they give you a hard time to call the 1800 number while still in the store so that they can sort everything out!

    So don’t let those cashiers bully you out of your savings because there WRONG! πŸ˜€

  • Brooke from FL

    Thanks for the post IvLysticaI !!!! :fingersx:

  • PJ

    Thanks for the advice, I’ll give it another try. :wiggle:

  • lilibeth

    can someone tell me what IP is? lol :run:

  • Alicia

    :io: no target close by

  • lilibeth

    HA! THANKS! I’ll take down that number!

  • lilibeth

    the coupon for the salad dressing from printcoupons is saying that i reached my limit… i only printed once! it wont let me print, should i clear cache?

  • leigh

    yes they do. you can call customer relations about it. they are supposed to take them per company policy

  • leigh

    chris FYI the 100 calorie packs WERE 1.93 till tuesday. as of tuesday they went regular price. which is 2.04-2.09 so still ALMOST FREE.

  • Angie

    Not every target does

  • leigh

    its company policy. if your target is refusing them then you should step up and call guest relations. :dunno:

  • :io: me either… though I will be getting cheap Salad dressing at another store… :wiggle:

  • amy

    you need to call the 1800 number off of their web site. Thats what I did when they tried to tell me that I couldnt use both coupons and the guy I talked to said he was going to call the store manager and tell him the correct policy and said he would send me some coupons in the mail for problems that they gave me.

  • scubabobby

    Yea-at my Target the 100 calorie packs were $2.79 and the Kraft dressing was $2.49 of course still worth the trip! :wavey:

  • AMY1

    Could you post your email for the coupon policy in the forum??

  • Alice

    yeah i had to adjust before it printed or they came out huge. just needed to change a setting before it printed – can’t remember which one though! :uh:

  • Alice

    internet printable but i think you’ve already figured that out! well this is interesting about target. the nearest one to me is an hour away but the web said the nearest one that would take a target coupon is three hours away. kinda odd. :dunno:

  • Alice

    did you print your limit from too?

  • Brooke from FL

    went today and picked up 4 of the 100 calorie packs instead of 6 because they were $2.69 each. Hurts when I got two on Monday for -$0.07 each! (they were on sale for $1.93, and they gave me the overage!)

  • itsreallyme

    I can’t find the coupons on this site for those two items. Are they gone please? THanks

  • yeah they must have hit their print limit πŸ™