Make money as a Mystery Shopper with Intellishop

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intellishopThe internet is littered with companies that say they can make you money doing Mystery Shopping, which is when a person goes into a store or restaurant posing as a regular customer to get information about how that business is running.  They will have you do certain things like buying something, asking questions to the employees, or other specific tasks. You then will write up a report about these experiences for the business and they will pay you in return.  If you purchase an item or food they will reimburse you as well.  The problem is that many companies out there will try to get you to pay to become a mystery shopper, only to give you information that you can easily get somewhere else yourself.
Intellishop is one of the few companies that I can recommend if you’re looking to get into this.  Like many things posted here, you won’t be able to earn enough income to call this a real job, but you might be able to earn some extra money and some free food. They typically pay anywhere from $8-$30 for these mystery shopping trips, in addition to reimbursing you if you buy something. They will send out an email with they have available shops, which you will need to jump on quick because they tend to go fast.  You will get a rating depending on how good your reports are, and how fast you send them in. Your rating will help you get more opportunities to shop. If you’re looking to get into mystery shopping I would definitely recommend giving Intellishop a try.
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