-this is for new users of Disney Movie Rewards. Register, then enter Magic code: MICKEYPIN. Click the box that says get your free mickey mouse pin, enter your info, and checkout. Shipping is free.

  • Garden Gal

    Hi Chris, thanks for the offer, I signed my mom up, offer took, says 6-8 weeks to ship. We live in the same house, same address, I already have an acct. Is it ok for 2 people in same house address to have 2 accounts? Do you know? I did nothing further than register her and get pin offer. ….

  • Chris

    I’ve heard of them cancelling multiple accts in the same household, but it seems to be random. Its one of those things that you never know :hs:

  • LaLa

    Thanks! My daughter will love this :bigthumb:

  • Dilly

    I got this message:
    “You have already entered a special bonus code, and there is a limit of one per new account.”

    I have never entered this code, nor have I ever gotten a free Mickey pin. :dunno:

  • scott

    they go by email Acct. me and fiancee been members for a year plus. both redeeming rewards and applying points. just don’t abuse the system and you’re ok.

  • Barb

    Got it!! Thanks! :wiggle:

  • Virginia

    I got the same that I had already entered it but know for sure I didnt

  • ddsbfdfakesrfhfakecdxcxkdddd

    put a extra number in your address. The mailman will know what it is but it will trick the computer. Lets say your number is 1800 put 11800 to throw the computer off.

  • Victor

    I suggest a refinement on this idea. I wouldn’t add a whole digit that could create a whole wrong address where it actually gets delivered to or has to be corrected by the post office. Instead I suggest add a letter, or room number or suite number, or apartment number. Something that the post office would expect to be still at that address if it was real. That would be different enough the computer sees it as two different addresses, but the mailman would just ignore.

    The truth is if you don’t abuse things most companies don’t care that two people share the same address.

  • Jess

    I wish existing accounts could get it :(

  • Kim Donley