-fill out the form to get a coupon for a Free Lemi Shine Product

  • morningglory

    Thanks Chris! Got it! 🙂

  • Gloria

    Got this too! Thanks.

  • Barb

    What “form”? The only thing to fill in was your name and email address on the page, so I thought it would come up after that. Was this supposed to “pop up” or something?

  • Barb

    No one is getting anything anymore, I figured out why. There is something elsewhere on the site that says to sign up for the Clean Freak Club BEFORE MARCH 20TH in order to get these items, so that’s why others posting on the 20th got it and me (on the 21st) didn’t.

  • Happens A Lot

    They sent an email saying they ran out anyway and were not going to honor the freebie…”so much overwhelming response!”