-enter UPC Codes: 080878023011 and 080878023301 -was first 1k, so they’re probably gone now

  • Chelli


  • urka5430314


  • Taffyswirlzz

    Wow Thanks :wiggle:

  • MyEmptyCanvas


  • Heather


  • Sarah


  • rose

    it says first 1000, but then when u enter ur info, it says thansk for entering.

    I did it a t 10:20 PM eastern time, what r the chances I get it???

  • Cavzgirl23


  • Donna P Howard


  • Nicole

    :confused: im a lil confuzed here is it a sweepstakes or a giveaway…??

  • Alicia

    :confused: :fingersx:

  • MyEmptyCanvas

    Received today :wiggle: