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  • Vicki

    I love this stuff…thanks a bunch Chris

  • Guest

    Thanks. :h5:

  • Garden Gal

    server error loading page??????????????

  • Garden Gal

    also went to just the sight, and tried to sign in from there, again, server error page will not show::::::::::::::::::

  • Garden Gal

    site not sight.

  • heqather

    pew glad i am not the only one.

  • Jodi

    Me too!

  • janet ortiz

    Server Error πŸ™ πŸ™

  • igotsit

    i gots it!! i gots it!! yayayayaya!!!!

  • katie

    crashing on me…oh well…Jergen’s lotion is only like $4 for a bottle in the store so I’m not sweating it

  • Liz Rosalez

    thank-you very much. and thank-you for not asking a millon questions. :wiggle: πŸ˜‰

  • GodNew

    shea August 3, 2010 ayoko na sa’yo bad ka.. hehe.. joke lang ok lang yan.. atleast naabsi mo sa kanya yung dapat mong sabihin atpangonsensya ginagawa niya lang trabaho niya ano ka ba? bigyan mo siya ng chocolate at kausapin ng mahinahon at say sorry.. hehe..lam ko na kung san ka nakatira nyahaha wag ka mag alala di kita haharangin para itanong kung nasan ang id mo at anong room no. tatanong ko na lang kay manong guard.. nyahaha

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