Either go here: http://heinz.com/Corporate_contact.aspx and request the pins in the comments section of the form, or you can mail your request here:
Heinz Pickle Pin
P O Box 57
Pittsburgh Pa 15230

  • Jamie

    Thanks for posting this, Chirs..
    And thank you Strawberrygal for finding it or telling Chris!!

  • Yea I had few people tell me about it fairly recently, kathi, meliss, strawberrygal
    thanks everyone :h5:

  • strawberrygal2007

    @jaime: you’re welcome…I had gotten one a few years ago…and decided to try again…and they arrived today…quick to ship

  • jennzz

    Thanks everyone who mentioned this,,
    I hope I get these,, my little girl loves ketchup and pickles,, she will adore these!

    can’t wait to get them!!

    :h5: :h5: :h5: :h5: :h5: :h5: :h5: :h5:

  • meliss

    I just got these and told them I had 2 kids… they sent 2 of each!!! Good luck everybody!!!

  • Jamie

    Wow, that was really nice of them.

  • Jill

    Thanks, these should be fun.

  • Kathi

    Heinz is a large company with Heinz 57 varities…hence their address PO Box 57 in Pittsburgh…..Heinz field is where the Steelers play….wish we could get a freebie from the Steelers…. 🙂

  • Jacquelyn

    Wow! Ketchup and pickles are fridge staples. Now I can wear them without dropping the ketchup on my shirt! Thanks to ALL!!!!

  • angie

    Cool! I love Heinz! That’s the ONLY ketchup I eat! :yum:

  • SierraBreez

    Neat, I wouldn’t mind seeing a picture of these pins. 🙂

  • Kathi

    I emailed Chris a scan of them long ago. wonder if he still has it to post?

  • this is too cute for words thanks alot :wiggle: :kiss: :bigthumb: 🙂

  • mike

    if you visit any of the heinz stores you can get these pins i got like 20 of them! ahhaahahaha

  • Virgo24

    Alright, thanks!

  • tiffany

    haha i had these when i was a kid. i cant believe they still have them. how awesome. i have 3 kids though and im sure they will fight over them. i didnt mention that in the e mail i sent them unlike meliss.


    Hi! I had ordered 2 ketchup pins in September 2009. I went into the hospital for a pain, and ended up getting my lower leg amputated, and stayed in the hospital for 5 weeks. When I got home, I opened the 2 envelopes for my ketchup pins, and BOTH padded envelopes were completely empty. The envelope had NOT been tampered with whatsoever. Please send me 2 ketchup pins when you can, Ok? Thanking you in advance. Janine McKay 13912 Dos Palmas Rd., Victorville, CA 92392 (760) 951-9928

  • Bobbi Capriato

    Hi, Any idea where I could sell my antique Heinz pickle pin I have had for 50 years? Would love to find a collector

  • M. Tobin

    Please mail me 2 of the pins, my daughter’s nickname is Pickle and she flipped when she saw this:
    M. Tobin
    46 Broad Avenue
    Riverhead, NY 11901

    Thank you!!

  • cindy fowler


  • Bernie Beaumont

    My son lives in Florida and is a runner. He’s had a pickle pin since childhood and has it pinned to his running shorts. It’s in pretty bad shape(he’s 54 now) and asked me if I thought he could find another one. I found this website and hope you can send him one. His name is Bill Beaumont, 96665 Sweetbriar Lane, Yulee, Florida 32097

  • Ryan Sherman

    If you still have them i would love them for my collection. i have seen these before but never gotte the chance to buy them. Thanks.

  • iris roth

    Please send me a Heinz pickle pin and a Heinz ketchup
    pin. Mine got lost in the move to California from Pittsburgh

    My grandson eats nothing but Heinz ketchup on
    everything/ Thanks/ Mail to Iris Roth 416 sherwood drive
    Apt 201 Sausalito California 94965

  • Lora

    I have a Heinz pickle pin with the “safety-pin” closure. It is at least 40 years old, if not more. I would be interested in selling mine for a good price. It’s in excellent shape. email if you’re interested in buying mine.

  • Jerry Hendersobn

    Please send me some Heinz Pickle pins for my work area. Send to Jerry Henderson
    6655 Chapel Crossing
    Williamsburg, VA 23188

  • Kelly Sween

    mail your request to this address :

    Heinz Pickle Pin

    P O Box 57

    Pittsburgh Pa 15230

  • ciro


  • Jonetta Fetchko

    Could you mail me four Heinz pickle pins? J fetchko. 1518 windcrest drive. Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks

  • safetyfirst

    hey just for safety reasons i would delete your address from the comment section you never know who can see that 🙂

  • thanks I’ll take it out for him

  • lk

    I would delete your address from the comment. Chris, I noticed you deleted someone else’s address..can you delete this one as well, if the commenter doesn’t get to it?

  • done thanks

  • Tara

    is this still any good?