-Watch the video and Call 1-866-926-1931 and mention the code that is displayed at the end of the video.

  • Chris
  • Stephanie

    :h5: Very easy the rep said it would be here in 6 wks. :wiggle:

  • Gimmecoffee

    Where should I go in the phone menu?

  • kathisierra

    passing, don’t know what I would do with anymore t shirts, but thanks Chris

  • Jennifer

    it gave me a list of options to choose from? :confused:

  • jellybean

    GOT IT! :h5:
    THANX CHRIS!! :kiss:

  • susan

    Cool – thanks. We actually have a Fender amp, so this will be a big hit. :)

  • jellybean

    just choose customer service. thats what i did :)

  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris ……

  • Jennifer


  • Jennifer

    i got it and the rep said it would be here by the end of the month

  • Cavzgirl23

    I spoke with a VERY nice lady. Said it was submitted and Fender will be shipping it out at the end of the month :wiggle:

  • we3kings

    That was easy, Thanks Chris. :h5:

  • Barb

    Cool, very nice lady, thanks Chris!

  • MyEmptyCanvas

    :h5: very nice girl I spoke too… she was so giddy… but she did try to sell me a few different AMPs though :rofl: nope… those weren’t free though

  • Tashana

    Thanks It was easy! :wavey:

  • Noemy

    FYI You do have to speak with a representative. The one I spoke with was a really nice gal. She asked me what I thought of the video and I told her it was short and that I was still on their website looking for more info. Then she asked me for my name, address, t-shirt size and said it should be sent out soon. :wiggle:

  • Alicia

    :io: hold time is 6 min…don’t really need another tshirt anyway

  • trinity

    im thinking if i do this they will have my # and call me

  • Rhonda

    customer service , then press 6

  • 8randon

    real easy thx
    4 the Tshirt

  • trinity

    i did this the lady tryed selling me an amp i said no she just said have a nice day wondering if i still get the shirt :confused:

  • pat

    WOWEEEE! Today 5/14 this Fender shirt actually came!! So it can be done!!

  • Dan

    this still works, called and CS said they send one 1st week of june :h5:

  • Monique

    Today is May 26, 2009- I just called the number and mentioned the code and they will be sending my t-shirt out next month!

  • serena

    i just called and he said the request was sent for my shirt, and he was really nice about it and hopefully i’ll be getting it soon!

  • Alex

    definitly not. i’ve been shopping with them for years and they only have called me if there was an issue with my order or something.

  • M P

    just placed an order!