• shelly

    I’m a little confused. The sample form says it’s a free sample but elsewhere on the website it says they’re charging $3.99 for shipping; on the other hand, it didn’t ask for any credit card info so maybe there’s more than one sample pack? I don’t know.

  • Joan

    Thanks for the link! I love FREE!

  • peekaboo

    I bit. Looks like a start up, so wouldn’t be surprised to get an email about the “unprecedented amount of requests” he got, and how he can’t possibly fulfill them all.. we shall see! Thank you, Chris! Hope they do come-8 samples! :bowdown:

  • garden gal

    gave it a shot.

  • nili

    Asking me for my credit card number and for $3.99.I will decline,Tnx. :io: