-register to get a Free Dutch Masters T-Shirt or Hat.

  • ilikefreestuff

    I have gotten things from them before but I don’t remember them asking for
    last 4 # of you Social Security
    Driver License Number & State

    I’ll pass

  • carryurcandle

    Ooh. That sounds like fraud waiting to happen…

  • ilikefreestuff

    I got really nice hats from them before.

  • nah its the same thing every tobacco company does. Marlboro, camel, black & mild, etc. They’re required to do it.

  • Biggus Disqus

    I get as far as picking hat or shirt, won’t accept my address, I get “Please match the requested format.”

  • J R

    Had same issue when used mobile phone. It went through after I switched over to PC. It was still kind of difficult, probably because of high volume of request. You can call 866.233.6527 or 877.247.7657 M-F 9-4:30 EST, press 3 at prompt to get promo customer service to confirm shirt/hat request has been received. Whole process took about an hour total.

  • Bizarre they’re asking for a driver’s license number. Usually it’s only the last 4 digits of a social, which does make sense. Gonna have to pass, sadly.

  • 123Tennesse

    Dont have to add drivers liscense just last 4 social security number

  • 123Tennesse

    Where do u find the darn offer? I’m not seeing it?

  • Tim Pendergast

    Doesn’t like my driver’s license number.

  • calistair

    Thanks, Chris!!!!!

  • twistedcarrot05

    I don’t see it. It might be because I got this the last time they offered it?

  • Ralph Arsenton

    you might want to think about cancer stick offers, you give them ssn/dl. goes into database which could be sold to insurance companies. non smoker get a free hat and you die, your life insurance co says ur a smoker, you said so and got a free hat. they deny your family any benefits because u lied on your app. think insurance co’s would not do that.

  • yeah its for new users

  • This has been mentioned before, but I have yet to hear of any verified cases of this happening. Also it should be fairly easy to prove that you were not a smoker in the case of this happening. Your existence on a database does little to show that you used tobacco products. A risk for sure, but I’m not really confident that it’s a big one.

  • Ralph Arsenton

    my wife works in the insurance industry. not worth the risk for “free” whatever, if you get your rate bumped up for showing up in a database as a smoker. they look for anything to raise rates or deny coverage or payouts. is a tshirt worth that risk. ok, it is if you are smoker