-fill out the form to get a Free Dutch Masters t-shirt. Void in MA.

  • D

    it ask for your ssn number

  • Kay G

    It asks for last four of ssn to verify you are over 21. This is common for tobacco companies. That being said, I couldn’t get it to go through on my iPad. Might need to use computer.

  • Janet

    If you’re registered for Black & Mild, or other similar cigar companies, than you’re already registered for their website. I found out by trying to sign up and told me I was already registered and used the same login and guess you don’t get a free t-shirt. Didn’t find the offer on their website, so must be just for new users.

  • VJ

    wouldnt give it to me either and said I was already registered..oh well

  • Dana McGuinness

    got to the tshirt size/order page, input my address info and kept getting “Please match the requested format” where I was entering my street address (not a p.o. box) and the site refused any response I wrote…. no go – hope they deleted my info and email from their marketing lists!

  • They do have a “remove me” bottom at the bottom of the page, but that will remove you from ALL the other sites as well.

  • Bambi Cantrell

    Ok, people think outside the box…….not being mean……I fill out these things all the time….mine went thru…..for the ss #, cell phone # I always put 0000000 I never give my ss number out to anyone my birthday date should be plenty of proof. My form went thru when I put 000000 in the ss and cell phone part.

  • bowman

    It asks for te last four of your social plus your driver’s license number.

    I used to work in the fraud detection field: not worth giving them the information they need for identity theft just for the possibility of getting a free t-shirt.

  • If you feel uncomfortable about giving your info and did submit your personal info and want to be removed there is a remove me button at the bottom of the page.

  • Just a heads up…If you do remove yourself from their site it will automatically remove you from their affiliate sites as well.

  • morningglory

    This form is impossible to fill out completely. I tried on 3 different browsers, and no matter what I did, something was flagged wrong, even though I did everything right and the info was correct. Ridiculous. I’ve been trying to get it to work for 2 days. Today I got as far as the part where you fill out your info AGAIN, and pick out the shirt size, and it kept telling me the format was wrong when I put in my address. 🙁 I tried refreshing the page to put in the info again, and the screen disappeared for the tshirt request. Now it’s telling me I’m already registered, and there’s no place to get tshirt on site.

  • morningglory

    They have to by law with any tobacco related products.

  • morningglory

    By law, anything related to tobacco products requires it.

  • morningglory

    Me too. And no, they won’t delete it, you have to go to their main page, scroll down to where it says “remove me” and follow instructions.

  • morningglory

    Yes, it’s only for new users that aren’t already registered to their sister brands.

  • morningglory

    They have to with anything related to tobacco products.

  • sara


  • It’s a tobacco company, there’s no way around it. But they don’t ask for your full SSN.

  • ilikefreestuff

    Also if you happen to go to a doctors office and the form asks for your ss# you don’t have to give. I never do and have never been questioned.