Call 1-866-909-8769 follow the prompts, tell them you are a smoker and that want the free coupon

  • amy

    carton or pack

  • carton

  • leigh

    i had to wait on hold 10 minutes cause i had to talk to a rep to show i was over 21. but it was worth it. i could not believe this offer but it is 100% legit

  • Beverly

    :wiggle: WOW this was for real! only on hold for 2 minutes.

  • leigh

    lucky you i must have hit a busy moment

  • renita

    “Thanks for calling Viceroy.” “We are here to help you during the hours of 8am to 12pm midnight EST, please try again.” I’ll give it a try in the morning!!! 🙂

  • Melissa

    Damn, that’s a good deal. I’ll have to start smoking again. :kekeke:

  • deseree

    so you have to be 21 for this? i thought the smoking age was 18

  • snozzberries

    smoking age here is 19..I used to smoke,but my hubby & i put it down years ago.HE picked it back up..ew…but Im not calling them..its great though!!! :h5:

  • sue arnn

    Waited about 5 min. but what a great deal and they were so nice. The survey was quick and easy. Worth the few min. wait to save $32.00 :wiggle:

  • I am not a smoker but, my friend husband is so, I will tell them.. He will be thrilled..

  • Melissa

    Just got my coupon. They are very nice. I couldn’t have had better customer service. Thanks. 😎

  • AnnD.

    :uh:Boy!! What a way to start smoking. If these are what they had in my younger days, no filter, short stubby straight tobacco cigaretts. I didn’t know they made these anymore.

  • amy

    What kind of cigarettes are they I never heard of they really not have a filter or nothing

  • TINA


  • Brooke

    Yayay free cigarettes!!!

  • flsuec


  • Melissa

    These are pretty cheap cigarettes from what I hear…

  • jojomojo

    THey now come with filters. I called its on their way. Nice people! :h5: Heres to future cancer! :uh: :run:I was trying to quit….Maybe I can finish all those packs before newyears if they get here fast enough. If I smoked them all in a week, maybe I would never want to smoke again!!!! WOOOOO! Theres the ticket!
    Great money savings though!

  • Tracy

    Huh, I just can’t believe the things you post for us Chris! With everything getting more & more expensive, this is by far, one of the best savings I’ve gotten! Hubby will love this! Thanks so much! :bigthumb:

  • Greg

    I don’t smoke either, but I know too many people that do.

  • sharon

    hold time less them 5 minutes, but took 2 minutes. The rep I spoke to was very nice. :fingersx:

  • Katie

    :naughty: The rep was very nice, it was easy! but I do have to finish though the mail since I’m 18. Other than that it’s a piece of cake! :rofl: :inout:

  • data98

    Just signed up for it myself…very nice.

  • strawberrygal2007

    😉 thanks

  • Melissa

    Just received my coupon. It is worth about $40. Nice.

  • strawberrygal2007

    waiting for mine…will probably have to wait awhile

  • strawberrygal2007

    mine coupon for a free carton came this afternoon…hubby is thrilled :h5:

  • carol

    I would like a coupon for a carton of pall mall for my husband for velantins day.

  • brads girl

    hmmmmm……………..maybee ill call them for my hubby-

  • marsha


  • Lorene

    Tried calling today – found out the offer expired 🙁

  • Joe

    Oh well, better luck next time.

  • kim

    😡 I did like 7 pages of surveys it said ti get free Carton of Pall Mall cigarettes.Now they are saying it is expired,Why dont they say this Before you do all the surveys for what nothing!!!!!!This was done on march seventh .whom do i need to report this to?

  • Kathy

    Hope there are more offers like this :fingersx:

  • robert

    love your smokes.would love to get a coupon for a free carton full flavor 100’s :bowdown:

  • PAM

    THIS ITE IS 5 YEARS OLD,,TAKE IT DOWN!!!! :confused:

  • jacqueline sawyer

    😡 i cant believe this, i called the number they provided and it said nothing about pallmall cigarettes. i didnt even get a person to talk to no automative to let me know about the cigs. ive been trying to get coupons for awhile but every time i go into their site there is no coupons to print or get in the mail,whats the use of having a site if they cant even give you a coupon for what your asking for

  • Chad Murfield

    I all the time smoker. I m smoking what is the better deal. I was told you would send me a free coupon so I can try you brand. I live @ 2014 2nd Ave N. St. Petersburg, FL 33713. Thank you so Very Much.