-first 300 daily. Like them to get it.
You can get it directly here. -UPDATE- Expired for today, it’ll be back Tuesday at 9PM eastern

  • VSLove

    It wont ket me add to cart

  • Francine

    :fingersx: I think I got one when this was 1st posted, several minutes ago. No confirmation email yet.

  • Francine

    Ooo. I did get one– it is in my order history on the site! :wiggle:

  • L

    Please remind us tomorrow, thanks Chris! :bigthumb:

  • Dd

    Swagbucks code EarthDay2 worth 7 swagbucks expires at 10 pm pst today

  • Chris

    Thanks :h5:

  • Jessica

    Merci :wiggle:

  • MargoX

    :uh: Zero left for today. I’ll try tomorrow.

  • Anna

    Not live yet. :dunno:

  • Kelly

    gone :cry:

  • southernbellekathy

    saids out of stock.

  • Jess

    Didn’t even go live and the site crashed. :uh:

  • kathisierra

    :h5: Thanks finally got it!

  • Jess

    It finally works and placed my order :D

  • Denise

    :h5: got 2

  • Lisa

    Yes, it’s working. Thanks Chris :D

  • 1Tennesse

    I got 1 and it was already posted that they were all gone at 9:20 ?? :confused:

  • Retro

    I got one finally. Lol took less than the Vaseline sampl that’s for sure.

  • Dusty

    :h5: Got 1 ! Said my order was paid for successfully.

  • L

    Definitely all gone now.

  • Zina

    Said 33 left… but than out of stock on the next page… aack! :rofl:

  • KD

    Does anyone know how much the shipping is for these?
    I want to try tomorrow, but wondering if we have to pay for shipping or if its free?
    Someone please reply below if you know!

  • Rachael

    The whole thing is free including shipping.

  • Virginia

    Either they are out before 9 or wont ship anymore.

  • maryann


  • lisa

    couldn’t click on the design and by the time i did it is out

  • Virginia

    same here

  • kay

    WOW :eek3: I got one but that went FAST :run: :kekeke:

  • Lucy

    Got it!! ;)

  • Rachael

    Me too :(

  • L

    It’s no longer free, have to pay $1.99 for them. :cry:

  • Elko

    I looked at their Twitter time line last night. ABHair was promoting the $1 section of their website and telling people who won the free clip could buy a $1 item and not pay shipping because ‘the items could be shipped together’. I didn’t make the first 300 tonight, but if you won consider browsing through ABHair’s $1 section.