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  • Eric

    Thank you!!!!!

  • Dee

    Site is down.

  • Marissa

    Same here.

  • morningglory

    Thanks 🙂 Got it!

  • Serpentine

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  • hmm! still down from maintenance::)

  • marissa

    Thanks! Got a speaker.

  • It’s up & running!

  • kalmanizer

    Thank you so much! I ordered the lantern. 🙂

  • daniella

    Thanks! I got through and also chose the lantern- it’ll be useful for hurricane season.

  • Garth
  • marissa

    Got my speaker today. They sell for $20 at Best Buy. Thanks!

  • Ellie Gee
  • cindy brickley

    I was supposed to get my speaker yesterday and my tracking and everything has disappeared off my offers! What happened?