• love freebies

    swagcode in blog :run:

  • Mike

    Page not found

  • Mike

    Please fix the link thanks

  • Bobb

    Thank you 🙂

  • Vicki

    now its a $1 off coupon

  • Tatiana

    Thank you!! Do you know in which store I can get it?

  • Katharine

    The page is only for a dollar off coupon. Also, is kinda a pain in the butt to get, and you also have to watch a 2 minute long commercial. :/

    If I didn’t really love Torani syrup, I wouldn’t’ve bothered.

  • Katharine

    Try the Acme, I think most of their locations carry it.

  • karla

    everyone sells it, target, super target, kroger, meijer, whole foods, walmart, super walmart, harris-teeter, world market, lowe’s foods.

    its usually with the coffees and teas.

  • Tatiana


  • Donna S

    Coupons are gone

  • jess

    Printed out the coupon for a free bottle (about 1.5 hrs ago…)– thanks, Chris!