• Jodi

    Somebody let me know when the server is not so busy and I can get in.

  • lacey k williams

    i no rite

  • Melissa

    It says Server Not Found

  • Melissa

    Try it now, I was able to get to the page, but the loading is forever after u click on Free Sample

  • Melissa

    It now says “An error occurred while processing your submission. Please try again later” after I click on Submit after filling all my information in. :uh:

  • Regina

    got the same thing melissa :uh:

  • Raging

    Crap don’t work no dog on way ,last time they sent it it was like sugar pills

  • Garden Gal

    gee what a surprise. a fb offer that will not go thru, getting blank white page, server busy. no, not even that. no one else getting thru either. I am shocked.

  • Violet

    Got it as usual

  • Katharine

    “Server is to busy.” :uh:

  • Stacy

    Just got it to go through. It took forever to load though

  • Jodi

    The screen halfway loaded so I filled out the form. Every time I hit enter it would say there was a problem submitting my application. So I tried reloading the webpage, back to square one, busy server, argh!

  • janet ortiz

    the app does not load. :dunno: :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:

  • Michele

    got it thanks! :h5:

  • akbj

    “Server is too Busy”!

  • Lugnut

    I’m too busy to wait for the server to be less busy! No free bayer aspirin for me!

  • Joesmo

    This is giving me a headache :uh: Need some Bayer after this… lol ha

  • Nicole

    :dunno: This Free Bayer Is A Joke!!!

  • shay

    After forever, lol, I finally got it!!

  • Lugnut

    Gone! All gone!

  • janet ortiz

    Now the app says that they are all out of samples, but they are giving a dollar coupon so that we can purchase a bottle. This has to be the worst app for a free sample ever, should have had all you ducks in a row before posting. :mail: :mail: :mail: