-you have to send in a mashed potato recipe

  • Chris
  • Kristina

    thanks! :kiss:

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    Gracias Chris ……

  • alek

    Thank you Chris!!!

  • SRRummell

    I got this error:

    Betty Crocker
    The page you requested is not available. Please try again later. If the problem continues please contact us.

    I tried it in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

    Too bad, I have a really good recipe for mash potato puffs.

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  • Kmarie

    :drool: :yum: Now I want some mashed taters :kekeke:

  • Alicia

    no recipe so :io:

  • yere

    That was really easy. Thanks.

  • yere

    Make one up!

  • MyEmptyCanvas

    I just came from the mailbox and now the :mail: is BACK in my yard… guess she forgot to put some mail in there….

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    :eek3: Got this error at that site:

    “This Web site is temporarily unavailable while we perform required maintenance.

    We’re working hard to improve your online experience and apologize for the inconvenience.

    Please check back soon!”

  • Patty

    Thanks Chris, that was easy

  • JUDY

    :run: Mailman :mail: was just here! I got 12 free ice cream coupons! :run: :drool: :yum:

  • JUDY

    What am I going to do with 12 gallons of ice cream?!?!?!? :run: :dunno:

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    :h5: finally got through

  • MyEmptyCanvas

    yummmmmmmmmy wish i had gotten that. it’s hot today..

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    How did you get those coupons>?

  • Chelcee Bryant

    ugghghhhh i filled it all out and accidentally hi “clear form” :uh: why do they even put those on there??? :dunno:

  • teresa

    :mail: brought me 11 free coupons of steak sauce, and ups just came and brought me 2 bottles of steak sauce

  • leigh

    HOW? why what ? and PM me in the forum!! i would glady trade!

  • leigh

    how why how why!?!? :rofl: :run:

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    I wrote and ask them if I could get another coupon because mine was expired, and they must of felt sorry for me lol lol. and sent me free coupons and bottles

  • teresa

    wow 12 free gallons of ice-cream that is right up my ally :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

  • bella

    Don’t know whether this is any good, it’s for a free Outdoor Channel gear pack:

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    WOW, I would gladly trade you something for a couple of those. Pm if you want to trade, I have other free product coupons!!! :h5:

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    :eek3: :eek3: Same offer applies to you, if you want to trade a couple of them, pm in the forum. :h5: :h5:

  • Heather

    I submitted a mashed potato casserole recipe :h5:

  • Karin?

    Leigh, thank you so much for the additional 1800flowers code!!! :wiggle:

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    which one? I would love to trade with you pm me in the forum if interested..

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    :bowdown: If you are interested in a trade please pm in the forum I have a couple free things ciupons and a chevron gas card i’m not gonna use.

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    it is justjane07 in the forum btw!

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    my mailman didnt come at all today :cry:

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