-take the quiz and register to get the pin.

  • Megan

    Can’t wait for mine! It’s too cute :)

  • Kat

    Got it! Thanks!

    (Had to take a little quiz, but it was quick and cute. xD It was like a mini personality quiz. Nothing to cumbersome.)

  • AMY1

    You are a Pair Up pair of:
    Ballet Flats

    Reflective and logical, you like to take your time and enjoy the simple things in life. Some may say you are a perfectionist, but being prepared and trying to do your best is never a bad thing! Don’t forget that just because you are self-reliant doesn’t mean that you can’t lean on others as you take steps toward better health.

  • L

    I keep getting the message “Please choose your reason for joining Pair Up” when I try to register. And yet there’s no place to enter/select reason to join. Am I missing something? Help please. :confused:

  • Cat Mom 6

    worked fine. ballernina shoes. cute pin. 2 kidney shaped items linked together. Hope this comes. I am making up a collection of diff tac pins and buttons for a friend for Christmas 2012. Starting early. Have a few already.

  • Tatiana

    I have the same problem like L :(

  • L

    Tatiana — I used this link to sign up
    They do mention the pin on this page, so hope we get it. :fingersx:

  • Melissa Macintosh

    Can’t wait to get my pin.Melissa Macintosh,2603 Flamingo drive,Fayetteville,NC, 28306,

  • deborah pierce

    cant wait to get my pin its so cute deborah pierce 3 grant st taunton ma 02780

  • Tatiana

    L -Thank you very much! That worked :bigthumb:

  • Christi Reineke

    I would love this pin I wear them at work on my lanyard at wal-mart.